CryptoMassacre - July 11, 2017

4년 전


We witnessed a massive crash in the cryptoworld lastnight. Prices have tumbled to their lows since months! This is a time that calls for strength and courage to hold and buy more. I assure you, within two months time, the price will be at least in the 300s if not 400s and it will be too late to buy. I know there are people who bought at 340 or 410 and they might be disappointed. In fact, a lot of them panic sold which is what led to the crash, but here's the deal: Big whales are waiting for these soft targets (suckers) to clear out so they can start buying again. They know that those that are loyal will not sell come what may. So, after they realize this is the bottom and they have cleared all the suckers, they will buy again to pump up the price. Besides, there are a lot of new ICOs and events coming ahead so the prices may recover anyway, except for Bitcoin. The waters are muddy for Bitcoin or might I say bloody till August 1, so I'd like to advise all fellow investors to put their money on Ethereum or Litecoin at least for now.

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