If Bitcoin Rises, the Alts will explode

3년 전

Tradingview link: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/kk3AmXEl-If-Bitcoin-Rises-the-Alts-will-explode/
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Right now, Bitcoin is testing the support line of the triangle. So far, the bears have failed, and the price has formed a falling wedge. We could potentially see a bounce to the upper resistance line in the next few days.

What has my attention are the altcoins. Before the Bitcoin breakdown, so many of the altcoins have shown extremely bullish patterns (DASH, ETC, OMG, IOTA, ZEC, EOS, XRP, etc). They were just waiting to break out. However, due to the drama with Bitcoin, the bullish tension of these altcoins have been suppressed. Bitcoin tanked and brought the entire crypto market cap down with it. Very few alts successfully resisted the pressure of Bitcoin (the ones that did include ETH, EOS).

However, the tensions haven't gone away after this Bitcoin drama; new bullish patterns replaced the old ones. Now, we see bullish patterns on Bitcoin, and Bitcoin may experience a small uptrend for the next few days. Bitcoin will no longer be hampering the bullish tension of these altcoins. Without a hamper on the prices, the altcoins can finally do their thing and EXPLODE.

On the tradingview site, I have links to my previous predictions. A lot of them were wrong as I predicted the price was going to rise, but I still think these coins have the bullish tension built up. These are just are some of the coins I think will rise. If you request it, I'll analyze other altcoins as long as they are in the top 50 for marketcap.

However, if Bitcoin continues to tank, the altcoins will drop too.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and not financial advice.

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