Good Morning Crypto Nation, Explosion Could start anytime

4년 전

Good morning Steemians, Guys and Gals, I hope everyone is doing alright.

May 2nd 2018, after having a small breakfast, the only thing I am interested to do is checking to see how thing are going in the beginning of May.

Everyone in Social Media this past April was talking about cryptocurrencies to explode in May. this gives me a lot of hope because I am currently holding some coins ans I wish Prices will rise to a new all time high this year.
What made me believe more in cryptocurrencies is basically what happened in 2017.

I never thought LTC would jump from $4 to $350 in less than 9 months.

I never thought XRP would jump from $0.009 to $3.5 in less than a year.

I never thought XLM could make it from 0.0003 to $0.5 in less than 6 months.

I never thought ETHER would explode from $10 to $1450 in less than a year.

I never thought STEEM would make it again from $0.22 to $8.5 in almost a year.

But Yeah, all this happened last year.

pay a close attention to the examples above and hear me out: If I knew this would happen, an investment of $200 in all this coins would change my life by now.

I was only watching the market and I sow this coins pump and dump, without being active in the market, but in a certain time everything exploded and did not even give me a chance to think. Everything exploded in the Speed of light. This scenario could happen again and I want to be prepared for it and you also need to be prepared for it.
I will be very stupid if I don't participate in the crypto revolution.

Just bear in mind that I am not a financial adviser, and I am not a professional trader, But I see this in front of my eyes and you probably see it too.

Special thanks to @tt-dogg, a special person with a special spirit.
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you are right, we can learn from history but it is not like the law of gravity. There are no rules saying it will go up or down. So the best strategy now would be to keep all your investment and wait.

you are totally bullish, sweetnitrick 😊

Crypto with now wall street and the smart money coming in and regulations being clarified this year will be bigger than last year.

my picks would be bitshares, eos, steem, zeph, xvg, cloakcoin, cvcoin, and bat token.

if you would like investment tips, margin trading and swing trading strategies and tactics please join telegram chat below liquidflame and sweetnitrick your definitely invited



Thank you tt-dogg 👍


Thank you Very Much @tt-dogg, I will definitely get there.


tt-dogg Good morning long time. hope your well. Anyway I signed up my children to steemit this wekend . They have been asking me for months. But my kids made a video of them making maple syrup from maple sap with their grandfather on his farm. iIf you got a minute check it out thanks!!

Great perspective. May, June ready to rumble.