R_block (Zinc): The future of referencing.

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Let's start this article by quoting some of the lines that I found on the project itself.

"R_Block was conceived in 2015, a product of the frustrations of a career in recruitment. Luke, one of the founders had become disenchanted with the state of recruitment. Increasing competition for attention and an unmatched supply of talent meant diminishing results for recruiters. This drew most to data abuse tactics of spam, misusing others work identities and falsely phishing for leads. A shift towards platforms empowering workers that started to level the playing field had begun. Luke imagined privacy technology to protect workers data and allow them to own their work identity. An ecosystem in which workers could interact with companies and recruiters fairly was born." -R_block (link here: https://medium.com/zinc_work/the-r-block-mission-42299108e3e5)

I can't help myself to agree that referencing nowadays are big deal when you're applying on a small or big company (with experience of course). Recruiters are more likely to look on you previous job, previous company, previous position, and as well as your educational background, where did you graduated? etc. it feels like that you skill and achievements are more likely to be ignored, so basically they care more about your backgrounds authenticity and not to you,.

R_Block find a way to solved this by making a dAPP out of this referencing idea, it's the same as linkedIn but more on decentralized and the users will definitely make a profit out of this. good idea isn't?

R_block idea will reach out and definitely will shaken the cryptocurrency world due to it's uniqueness and the solidity of it's team.

but then, i do believe that we have our own opinion in regards of every project. but hey, you can check it out here for more information about the project:


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Always great to see something fresh once in a while, very cool indeed! that was good and I was like, I'd like this a project a lot and willing to invest on this project. Now it is listed on one of fave exchange platform, kucoin. You can check it out to their official site.

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this is interesting, I never thought about of that idea in regards of making a dapp out of referencing, thats something new to me, i'd like to see more of this project and thanks for providing some links, thumbs up

good write, i found it very well. This is truly above and beyond, i believe it's going to be successful even if they are one of the most undervalued projects out there. Gotta see this article to gain more info about zinc https://medium.com/@ernani.hood01/i-will-definitely-get-some-of-it-bc6b9f3174fb