NEM/XEM BUY IT WHILE IT'S UNDER 30 CENTS ! (upcoming events)

4년 전

Hello beautiful people of Steemit !!

I have written this little article because I think that XEM also called NEM, is the next big crypto. XEM has increased by over 20% the last days !! I keep this article short, so people can get a quick insight into my thoughts about XEM.

XEM is not big in the west, and coinmarketcap does not get all data from Asia. Most XEM trades are done in Japan, as coinmarket caps do not have much insight into. Because of this, the volume is low on coinmarkedcap

Reasons Why I Like XEM:

  • Japan's 2nd largest crypto
  • Possibility to earn XEM, just like Steemit
  • POI (Proof of Importance)

Upcoming Events:

  • New website
  • Catapult (think Metropolis for Ethererum)
  • Fees going down (20. Aug)
  • Partnering up with Blockchain Global, to create a new exchange (built on XEM)

In the next few months, XEM will focus more on marketing.


I would love some feedback

ps. Sorry for my bad spelling - English is my 2nd language

Sources: (Inside NEM - Channel) (official homepage)

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