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As crypto prices are starting to recover (sort of), it's time to turn the miner back on while the difficulty is low right now (Monero forked out another bunch of ASIC miners a month ago). For those who forgot, I'm running the miner on my Ryzen 7 1700 CPU and RX 560 4GB GPU with 16 compute units. I posted the build log of this exact PC 11 months ago on DTube, feel free to check it out:!/v/techcoderx/ustzf0j6

I'm running this on Windows 10 instead of macOS due to the higher hash rates for Cryptonight R. I did manage to get my IPFS NodeJS Discord bot working without modifications on Windows, however, I will not be running it at the moment due to recent instabilities of our network connection while running IPFS (again, even with 0.4.19).

Maybe it's the time to actually ditch my crappy DLink modem + router and get something better 🤔

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Nice, hashing keeps my house warm during freezes.


lol that's true hehe