Arbitraging Investment Platform - Leveraging the power of A.I. for Investments

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Let's start with a quick definition on what "Arbitrage" is. Wikipedia defines arbitrage as, "In economics and finance, arbitrage is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices." I am sure most if not everyone reading this article is familiar with cryptocurrency exchange arbitrage trading. The practice of buying coins or tokens for a lower price on one crypto trading exchange and quickly selling it at a higher price on an entirely separate crypto trading exchange.

Below is an example of 2 different Bitcoin prices across 2 entirely different crypto trading exchanges at the same exact time. In the screen shot below you will notice the price of BTC on Bitstamp and HitBTC. Notice how the BTC price on HitBTC is $11.25 higher than the BTC price on Bitstamp.


The Arbitraging investment platform will exploit this price separation, quickly making a BTC purchase on Bitstamp and then the system will quickly sell the same amount of BTC just purchased on Bitstamp on to HitBTC to take advantage of this spread and make a profit. With the Arbitraging investment platform, the system uses the total investment pool of all members and makes large buys and sells to exploit this factor for profit across dozens of exchanges.

On a daily basis there are hundreds of price spreads like these across dozens of different crypto trading exchanges as well as hundreds of crypto trading pairs. The Arbitraging Investment Platform A.I. bot is named aBot. The aBot A.I. Arbitrage Bot, which is connected to dozens of various crypto trading exchanges via an API, finds these price spreads and makes thousands of trades per day yielding quick easy profits for their investors. ARB also has a token which is currently listed on Coinmarketcap:


The ARB tokens is a unique profit generating token with a very low max supply. The max supply of ARB tokens is 10,000,000. You can invest your ARB token, as well as ETH, directly into the platform to create an investment and to start generating profits through the Arbitraging proprietary arbitrage trading system. Arbitrage trading bots and arbitrage trading platforms are beginning to spring up all over the place. If you are interested in investing in the Arbitraging Investment Platform simply follow these steps below:

Step 1: Register for a free Arbitraging Account here
Step 2: Setup your account by setting your ETH address (Do not use an exchange address. This will be the address you send your deposits & receive your withdrawals)
Step 3: Deposit ETH or ARB tokens to use for your Arbitraging Investment (remember, do not use an exchange address. An address from MyEtherWallet or MetaMask will do)
Note: There is no investment lock period. You may make a withdrawal whenever you like. Daily profits will be delivered to your external wallet which holds ARB tokens. You can sell your ARB tokens on exchanges such as

Below you will find a screenshot of the current return figures:


Do not forget to register for your Arbitraging Account by following this link! Enjoy!


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To me, profiting from arbitrage through manual transactions requires first to find a sell order lower than a buy offer over the same pair elsewhere.

When the Wikipedia article says price, I guess that's what it must ultimately mean since, like in your example, the price on Bitstamp could possibly only be reflecting the last buy and the one on HitBTC just be happening to represent the last sell, while the reality could disappointedly be that both exchanges are offering about the equivalent order books in terms of prices.

I guess funds and bots may operate differently but as an individual, I would actually have to go see and on both of these exchanges if these prices really do represent a true opportunity.

Sorry if I may sound like doing semantics, I'm just trying to share what I, myself, have experienced and maybe find validation as to my understanding of the matter.


I have added a return screenshot above for you. This info can also be found inside your account. Thanks for your comments.

Ponzi scheme


You think this is kind of like Bitconnect? The thought has crossed my mind...


Yes, it is basically like Bitconnect. They try to convince you that this is not the case like saying that you can withdraw your investments at any time. Why would you do that, though? With 25%-30% profit every month you will be rich if you hodl your investment for 2 years. So there is no reason for the investor to withdraw their money in the first place. Even if the investor is in serious financial trouble they will probably not try to withdraw and just get another job.

And I guess there is no example of anybody withdrawing a huge investment I guess. Not sure. I just want to convince you to be super suspicious ;-)


Thanks for your answer. I'm always scrupulous when it comes time to invest my money. :-)


Don’t talk about things you don’t know about noobsin. Do you always give one word think you know it all answers to something you haven’t spent more than 2 minutes to look at? Oh I know, you are one of those people who thinks they know it all.


Yes I know it all. Beside of that I stumpled across this project 2 weeks ago and it is a ponzi scheme in my opinion. Deal with it. They are basically like Bitconnect, they just make arguments that are more clever than Bitconnect. But clever doesn´t mean consistent or convincing.


This is nothing like Bitconnect. Bitconnect lied about having a “trading bot”. Do you actually think people are stupid enough to still fall for that type of “business”. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who would go through all the work to setup a business like this after everything the industry say with the Bitconnect debacle.


By your logic there should have never been a ponzi scheme after Mr. Ponzi´s original scam.

People still fall for socialism. Yes people are stupid enough.

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Arb is a great platform i have 2 articles about them! I think they will grow pretty big once the Mbot is released

Thanks for sharing about this, I had never heard about the ARBITRAGING platform before. I think I am now going to open an account out of curiosity. Any specific returns projected?


Hello Heroic15397 and thanks for the comment. The return has been roughly 25-30% per month. Your account will show historic return numbers. Plus the token price does well too.


You can withdraw any time. Your funds are not locked in for any period.

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how did you earned these money ? could you show me how ?

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You are welcome enes31. If you have any questions about the platform feel free to let me know.

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I truly can't make sense of the financial model of STEEM.

On the off chance that no one has a justifiable reason motivation to purchase STEEM, at that point the as of now rising cost is an air pocket coming about because of unadulterated theory. for what reason would anyone put into something that loses half of its esteem each year?

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Bro this is good option for traders looking for arbitrage trading , I am interested in this trading bot , let’s me see how I can register for this bit and start trading , if I need your help , I would like to get in touch with you , let’s work together thank you


Hello online87700. You can contact me on telegram @cryptocurrencycommander

If anyone has questions about the program feel free to contact me on Telegram: @cryptocurrencycommander

Rialto already does it and much more smartly but profits are nowhere to what you claim. Pls check them. Can u provide blockchain proof that you really earned 20-25% profit by arbitrage. I have serious doubts unless u provide proof


What info would you like for me to send? You can find a screenshot of the daily and monthly percentages in the post. This is the same details that are found inside the dashboard. You are able to withdraw every day. No long term hold on funds. If you see that the percentages being stated aren't what you are receiving then go and knock the program but don't knock a subject without having all the information. It's not healthy for you. Pessimism and negativity won't help you. Actually it is quite easy to earn 20 - 25%. Arbitrage easily earns 0.5 - 1.5% daily. Multiple that by 30 days in 1 month and there you have the percentage. If you invested $100 and arbitrage is earning for you 1% that is $1 per day. Multiply that 1% daily for 30 days and you just made $30 which is 30% of your investment.


Pls show yr trades executed on blockchain earning this profit as proof. Hope u get what I am looking for

im very dubious about these platforms!


Hello crypto3em3. There is nothing wrong with being careful and its smart to be weary especially after everything that went on in January. I was also negatively affected however this platform is working for me. There is no locked in period so there is no worry about needing to wait 120 days for your return only for a program to collapse on the 119th day. You can withdraw daily if you wanted too.

Wow this is actually very interesting! It has gotten my attention because I was looking at coinmarketcap a few weeks ago and I remember seeing a certain cryptocurrency that was priced very differently on one specific exchange than the others. I do not recall the name of this cryptocurrency but it is good to know that there is a way to make profits with this "inconvenience". Thank you much for sharing this.


You are welcome jokeskay. If you have any questions about the platform feel free to let me know.

We are glad to see an article that explains what arbitrage is.


We are glad to see
An article that explains
What arbitrage is.

                 - nvest

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.



ho can the little guy like us benefit from this without breaking the bank lol
newbies would no doubt appreciate a step by step easy to implement step
if you are with me on this get an upvote on this comment to show you need it too let go now

Me parece muy interesante este articulo ya que si uno con esfuerzo y dedicación puedes obtener y saber en su estadística en una cuenta de una persona ya que esto a la vez puede ayudar a comprender mas sobre su valor y porcentaje de ganancia que puedes ganar.

Buenas como hago para ponerle imagen a mis post alguin que me explique porfas

Sir, according to you ARB token will list on which Bitcoin exchanges?

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Re: - Watch out for this cheater!! More info:   👇

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Reply "@marcocasario SKIP" to turn these off for you. Thanks :)