LYNKED WORLD- Solving Critical Problems Faced By Individuals And Organizations In Today's Digital World

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One of man's goal is to acquire as much knowledge as possible while they can. There have been different forms of education right after our birth, education begins at our neighborhood starting from our family and moves down to our peer groups and later to formal settings.

To acquire formal education we need to undergo a different level of the educational system which may begin with the elementary education, to middle school, high schools and more. After graduation, we intend to get a decent job and become an employed worker to earn a reasonable amount of money. Often times we run into difficulties trying to get the desired job that fits our goal.

Introducing Lynked.World is a trusted and secured profession network that connects, validates, collaborate and reward professionals throughout the world, while leveraging the blockchain technology. It's an avenue for job seekers to find a job after graduation with ease. It also provides verified and secured information to governmental and public agencies.


The Lynked.World Multi-Faceted Ecosystem For Connecting The World

A user signs up with their educational details on the lynked.World platform and the data is subjected for verification by the lynked platform. After successful verification, the professional can use their Lynked.World profile to apply for a job directly, take a mortgage in banks, use their profile for third-party applications, or for government and corporate use. Freelancers could also use it to find jobs and project on the platform, job seekers and job recruiters could also meet at the job marketplace.

The Pressing Need For Blockchain Technology:

The world is growing really fast and existing professional networks are prone to a data breach, lack transparency, high level of profile hacks and an enormous number of false information available online.


The platform leverages blockchain technology to provide a state of the art professional ecosystem. The ecosystem provides users with a secured, transparent and verifiable professional profile.

Blockchain technology is a distributed network that provides a user with a secured, transparent, and immutable transaction within network nodes. Data stored on the blockchain are well secured and cannot be compromised. Users can be rest assured of a data breach in the platform. So users can use their verified account for their future assets and for all their future references. Thereby making life less stressful for potential employees and employers to get the right candidate for their job role and the employee to get the right job for their interest.

Benefits Of The Lynked.World Platform:

The Lynked.World platform offers formidable benefits to professionals, its an ecosystem of verified digital identity which is authenticated before a users profile can be made available for use. The Lynked.World platform uses the LYNK token as a medium of a settlement between parties and the lynked digital wallet is where the token is stored for use.


The platform provides users with a dashboard that is dynamic, secure and transparent to store users information in a decentralized manner. Data sharing on the platform is made flexible such that users can share their data using a QR code.

Additionally, the platform also provides professionals with a job portal where they can search and apply for a variety of job opening through their Lynked.World verified profile. It provides a friendly experience and saves a lot of cost for agencies and professional.


The platform is an all in one professional network for freelancers, students, job seekers, professionals, governments, corporate entities, human resource managers, banks and universities. it would provide a flexible and cost-effective ecosystem for different professionals. The ideology behind the project is huge and the target audience is massive.

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