How I failed at Trading Today (Darn you AGRS!!)

5년 전

So today I was trying out my new account on Bittrex. Everything was so slick and I was relatively impressed by the interface. Previously I was on PoloniEx but everything felt soo slow.

Anyway. I decided to go all into AGRS, because greed settled in and I thought it would have increased more. So I knew that I shouldn't have done it, but I still did. Here's a snapshot of my stupidity:

So I basically lost nearly half my earnings because of greed and because I was too impatient to hold. Here's the trade history as well:

So my pattern for trading is to focus on small incremental gains, mainly because I started out with very little cash/btc. So please learn from this:

  • Hold if things aren't going well. Don't sell, ever.
  • Don't be greedy, the worst decisions in trading tend to come from greed
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I also bought into this today and SNT 2 nights ago. The long wait begins. Good luck.