Cryptocurrency research tools for 2019


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Happy New Year!

Part of being a good cryptocurrency investor is staying up to date on the recent events going on in the space and also being able to organize most of it so that you can save yourself time and some stress.

Below is a list of some crypto research tools I use to save myself some time. Of course there are probably some better products out there, but I'm not aware of them all. Anyways, here is the list of some helpful crypto tools.

CoinCodex: Coincodex is a really easy website to use and if you create an account with them which only requires your e-mail address, then you are able to create a watchlist and easily sort through the % change of each crypto you hold over 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, year to date, and one year. Coincodex also allows you to create a portfolio as well and get alerted about price changes, etc. Coincodex also has some relevant news on their site, so that you can check your watchlist and some crypto news all without leaving their website. CoinCodex also has a market overview feature that allows you to visualize which direction the entire market is probably headed and look at Bitcoin market domination for example.

CoinTrackr: Cointrackr is a simple pie chart that allows you to visualize what percentage of your portfolio is invested in each coin without performing any calculations. This is just a simple way to visualize which projects you're invested in without any need to create an account.

Trading View: Trading View allows you to look at other traders or investors technical analysis in order to have a better idea of when to buy or sell coins or tokens your holding. If you just type in a well known token or coin like EOS, for example you are able to see other people's opinions of where the price of EOS is headed over the next few days, weeks, or months. Also, if you look at a general view of the technicals for EOS you will be able to get an opinion to buy or sell EOS based on some of these technical indicators. I honestly haven't spent much time with trading view, so other people might be able to explain this better. A paid account will allow you to get more features, but you can sign up for free.

Crypto Pro Bitcoin Tracker: This crypto tracker is only for Apple right now I think, but in my opinion it will save you a few headaches. If you're constantly checking the prices of cryptocurrencies, then this will help a little. You can set alerts for coins/tokens on your phone and get alerted when it reaches the USD, ETH, or Bitcoin value that you set. This has plenty of coins available to track and might make it easier for you to go outside and trust that you'll still get an alert on your phone when your price target is hit. There are plenty of Android apps out there that will allow you to receive price alerts similar to this app.

Please tell me any helpful crypto research tools you have used in the comments below.

I think 2019 is going to be a good year for cryptocurrency as a whole, but we'll see what happens. It will be interesting.

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thank you and resteemed.

Muchas gracias por compartir la información!

Another up and coming site is Live marketcap table, ever growing learning center, news from the top crypto news sites, and an exchange all in one.

I used coincodex its mind blowing... sad only available app on istore hope playstore soon.

thank you.

Dear @the4thmusketeer

This is such a great piece of work.

I think 2019 is going to be a good year for cryptocurrency as a whole, but we'll see what happens.

I absolutely agree. Especially most interest will be directed towards STO (security token offerings). Funny enough, I've heard several people saying that STO should not be compared to crypto because it's something way more than just crypto. Plus calling any project "crypto" gives this project a bad reputation right away.


my buddy uses Crypto Pro Bitcoin Tracker.. he finds it cool.. but then, of course he uses an iPhone and my phone is Android.. haha

Thanks for writing this, just recently purchased some coins on Satoshi's b-day and wanted to look into where else I can track prices or emerging trends.

These are such nice tools.

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Hello and Happy New Year you too and all of you!
That is a Great content and big thanks for sharing links and put little info on them, So one of them are very good I'm using and this platform allow users read the charts for all cryptocurrencies,stocks,and much more. Plus you can read other people or professionals technicals (TA) and learn from them about indicators, or how to draw graphics, plus see their opinions about current market situations and get a lot of knowledge, to make much wiser your investing decisions so its very very useful!
2018 was hard year for crypto but now we have 2019 ongoing, So guys prepare a good plan for and how to accumulate more BTC this year Crypto have much more institutional support then ever before so bee ready! (No financial advise just friendly opinion) :))

Very good, it is important to investigate, and even more if you are relatively new in this world of the crypts, I for example still do not know much about this but it seems great that you share the different tools to learn a little more about the cryptos

Android users can install Blockfolio instead of Crypto Pro Bitcoin Tracker!
After the recent update, which change almost everything, is now very well builded, fast and absolutely not a battery drainer!

i am only familiar with the trading view, too. good to know that there are other apps which can provide very relevant information as well.


same here.. i guess we really have to see if the other apps are better.

Will definitely try out, these are new ones for me

will try each one of these and see which one will be more informative.


Will try each one of
These and see which one will be
More informative.

                 - rodmichael

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Upvoted. Nice one on point.
To butress your points:

  1. Erc20 Ewallet: You need this wallet for token/airdrop withdrawal, recall new altcoin is emerging on a daily basis, hence the need for erc20 wallet. You cannot withdraw tokens to your xapo, coinbase, luno etc account because they are nor erc20 compliant. You need ewallet like imtoken and trustwallet.

  2. Telegram: cryptocurrency has shown to give support to telegram. This due to the fact that it supports block chain techology, broadcasts and the use of bot. To meet expert and also for airdrops, you need a telegram account.

you can try more tools like: a popular sites for altcoins. i am sure you about.
Others are you can use the site to track both ICOs, tokens . including when they got listed on an Exchange.

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For those who have Android phone, try Blockfolio or Delta. Great crypto tracking apps.


thanks for these recommendations! will give them a try.

Thanks. I just wonder if there are any new coin to sign up for free coins?

Thankyou for these links! It's really helpful

Thanks for this, I still believe in crypto despite of it's bearish market and hoping that 2019 will be a bull market I found this article a good one that will give us some tips when it comes to crypto

man's intelligence should be used for things like these.

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Do you invest in the variation of crypto rates?
Can you say today that the market despite the decline of this year remains propitious to transactions?
It should not be long-term on some crypto rather than playing on the variation of rates. I wish I am currently a little lost in the choice of the best strategy

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That's a good one

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Nice job. Please vote for me and re-steem. Thanks