I just want to say one word to you. Just... one... word...

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The Graduate (1967) is a film about a young man rejecting the ideas of his parents' generation and forging forward to make his own life based upon his own ideals. One of the most well remembered sequences is this awkward interaction with the family friend, Mr. McGuire:

With the benefit of historical hindsight, we know that Mr. McGuire was right, of course. Plastics would become absolutely ubiquitous in the following decades, and Ben is someone at the right age at the right time to take full advantage of that emerging technological trend. Nonetheless, his pitch is comically inept.

If Ben's course of study (perhaps significantly for the tone of the narrative, the eponymous protagonist's major is never mentioned) were in Chemical Engineering or Business Administration, perhaps, he could have been the one to educate Mr. McGuire on the disruptive potential of polymers. Also, Ben's family is shown to be solidly in the upper middle class, but there is no indication that he has the personal funds to invest in plastics or any other emerging industry. Even if Ben understands the validity of Mr. McGuire's proposition, he is in no position to take any immediate advantage of it.

Too often, I find, would-be cryptoëvangelists come off sounding like Mr. McGuire.

Can this be remedied?

Nearly a decade into the existence of blockchain technology, any pitch along the lines of “Bitcoin is the future!” is no more nor less than “Mr.-McGuire-ing”. People need concrete use cases that are relevant to their own life experiences, their needs and their skill sets.

To these reading this post, how do you talk to the Bens in your life about cryptocurrency?

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In your face Ben!


Blockchain looks dangerous lets hope they will us it wisely .

I was off doing work in a resort land. Sometimes, when out of your routine you start to think about these things in a nonlinear way.

We were talking about blockchain (I work for a software company, in healthcare, which wants to use this tool for eHR)

The consensus was that it was the use cases outside of cryptocurrency that would sell the idea to people.

I think 2 good examples are actifit, and games like steem monsters.. and of course leveraging social media like share2steem and blogging in general (like @partiko).

But imagine a decentralized LinkedIn. You own your resume. And business related and career articles on the feed like utilizing steem.

Or Disqus, but a blockchain version, so articles convos are decentralized and comments valued. Plug it into your site.

I know also of a stackoverflow type site that is now rewarding people who share coding solutions with crypto. Hashnode or something like that. And I think there's now a GitHub token you can use as bounties for project bug fixes.

So think about gamification and reward systems and use those things with blockchain. And the people will come.

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Your mention of gamification, reminded me of this video I saw, a while back:

The idea they mention for using blockchain to modify player items in an MMORPG sounds quite promising.


wow, great video! SO much to think about..

those 2 ideas alone are game changers!

thank you for sharing...


Man this video was truly interesting I must say as a gamer. This should be more upvoted.

It opened up my mind . Blockchain has more possibilities than i ever thought.

This also makes me think about how the industries right now are just focusing on just "selling" us worthless bloated things.


Until people come to understand new paradigms, they interpret all new information within the paradigms they already know.

For a long time, Bitcoin was generally treated as just another speculative commodity. Unfortunately, a large chunk of people in the cryptosphere haven't really moved past that stage.

I didn't see any reason to invest in cryptocurrency, until I learned about STEEM. At that point, my understanding of the paradigm shifted from "This is something to use instead of USD (for nebulous reasons)" to "This is something that is more useful (in particular cases) than USD".

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This was an epic movie of its time and had a great potential of acting for all the actors


The musical contribution of Simon and Garfunkel also gives it a wonderful, dream-like quality. This really is a film that must be seen to be appreciated. Any attempt I make to explain it makes it sound like a bunch of bourgeois drivel (which it, most certainly, is not).

Great movie. It came out the year I was born and at the height of the Vietnam War.

Comedy is good for geting


Are you talking to 9512 people at the same time?

Buen Post amigo.

Iam lovin it,its a life changing project of digital wealth in crypto trade

I dont talk about it people are just to retarded.


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Great movie, one of my favorite by the way.

The Graduate (1967)   was among the finest movies in the history of Bollywood and in its era of movies it was greatly advanced in many aspects. Actors in the movie had done a marvelous job to portray their characters and the script it self has powerful phenomena to be a super hit at that time, but it is worth watching anytime.

Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson and Dustin Hoffman as Ben Braddock has leaved a great impact on viewers' minds.

Hatsoff to the cast and crew of the movie. It is my all time favorite movie of Hollywood.

Visit my   youtube channel to get information in tech, gadgets, food and travel...

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Good job dude, that film is really good, so educational

muchas gracias por la sugerencia

Nice...hope you will support my little effort as well

como le hace para tener tantos $$$ con tan pocos ??? ayudame

I just want to say one word to you. Just... one... word...
nice one world .......

Plastics is the future quote can be misleading and confusing to the Bens of 1960's but in today's world where there is a lot on the internet, any Ben who wants to be part of the cryptocurrency future has the job on going out of his way to learn about cryptos/blockchain and design a path for his entry into the industry. One advice I'll give is keep searching, dont settle till you've found it.

Wen plasticoin??

One word, Steemit

amazing video and man character very interesting.

Its funny you asked the question.. how do i talk to the Bens in my life bout crypto.. to answer you, i have not. It is still a new concept to explain and if they have not yet understand how the stock market works, it may be harder to understand the crypto language.

Muy buena!!

Man, this video was really interesting.
thanks for sharing.

Vote me 😍

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All I have to say is 2 words: plastics.

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I tell all my Benny friends to remember Bitcoin, understand what Ethereum extends, then look into Loom Network to see get in early on the next boom of "mainsteam adoption." Loom DAppChains are rapidly enabling any group or individual to easily build dedicated sidechains designed however they'd like, backed up by Ethereum's rock-solid security.



"The Graduate" keeps reminding us, of how at intervals it is better to speculate carefully about what our goals are in life, rather than rushing a target that we are not completely sure of. Because fighting too quickly for our independence can result in us not being adroit to escape our bad decisions.


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LOL One word!

cryptocurrency will be a revolutionary technology in future 10 years. It could penetrate into many aspects of real life. Several country has introduced this tech using in governing, finance, logistics and so on. It has laid the foundation for the prospect of smart city in Dubai.