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What does it take to make passive money? Is it some kind of magic wand? Maybe this is a gift from the Old Gods...

Hi there Steemians I really hope you are having a great time. When people talk about passive investments too often, and very misunderstood, many people believe this is something that doesn't need research, trial and error. My experience tells me nothing could be more far from reality.

Just because it is called passive money it doesn't mean you(as the investor) should not investigate about it and give it a try.

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The hard work is before investing

So far, I can rely in this:

  1. In order to invest in something you have to know what is all about.
  2. To have much chances of success you have to understand the business.
  3. You MUST define your level of risk(if you don't even assume there is a risk involve in EVERYthing, then you are in troubles).

Those 3 key points can give you a solid base to start. I say start because the path of investments is a long road that takes years to dominate. Anytime you define a strategy(which it could be those 3 points, quoted above, in a deep development) , then you must practice over and over and over again. Anytime you put in practice all those "precepts" you can perfect them. modify them and add some new ones but, only if you are doing things right.

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Subjectivity in Business

We all have very different ways to do things, right? I brush my tooth every morning in a way which adapt to my hands, to my daily habits and so on. I have a very unique way to identify things, to observe and to process all those things. So it you, you have your ways and you must adapt everything to you.

γνωθι σεαυτόν - source - Eng: "Know thyself"

In order to understand what we are doing right or wrong with business, we must dive inside, very deep of each and everyone. Just you can go as far "on the rabbit hole" of your own.

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What stops US?

I don't know what is stopping you or you(the person next to you) but I know what was stopping me. Fear of being wrong. After I have realised life is short and I am smart enough to create a business strategy, I have taken action. I won't lie, my fears are still there but they cannot stop me from action, from now on.

  1. Once I have defined what kind of investor I am, and what kind of investor I want to be, my fears has changed or evolved I must say.
  2. At the right moment that I have defined the risks I am capable of taking, now I can move on to minimise them as much as I can.
  3. Once I have decided to keep learning from every investment I make, I can perfect myself and correct anything that I have done wrong.
  4. If I understand that I won't get out alive from this life I can change my perspective and move away from my comfort zone and push myself to new limits.

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This a company that has already 1 year working. I have been following them since some months ago. Many close friends were telling me "Come on man, give it a try". Some others than know me as a "Dedicated Investigator" told me: "Hey man could you do some research about this people? They seem good to invest." So I did 2 times(just to be sure). I have found good and bad reviews but many friends around me, were making money with this. At this point I have decided to join and to see what will happen.

This people have some Robots(which is a computer program) intended to trade. Basically they buy crypto-currencies within some exchanges, they buy low and sell high. This is it. There is no magic, more than pure old School trading.

The regular questions people do:

  • Do this really works? Yes.
  • Do you have proofs? Yes. After 2 weeks with them, they have payed me every day and not a single trouble so far.
  • Is this some kind of catch to get people's money and then run away? So far, is legit. After a year they have a lot of success. This is why I have decided to join in the first place.
  • Is there any kind of risk involve? Yes. This why a smart investor just risk the amount of money than He/She is willing to loose.

This is why I have started by letting you know about my investor approach.

The Plans - Source

The Deal

They offer some plans. Any plan vary in the amount of Bots(the software who does the trading stuff). Each plan comes with higher or lower profits, depending of the costs. I have chosen the BOT300, which costs around $300 + 10$(membership fee) and it produces between 1.1% - 2.5%(depending of the profits they make every single day). So for me the picture looks like:

PlanInitial CostE.p DayE.p 200 days B.C.SE.p 200 days W.C.S
BOT300$310Bewteen $3.3 - $7.5$660$1500
  • In the Best Case Scenario this would give me something between $700 - $1500 after 10 months. This is from Mon-Fri as 200 days.
  • In the Worst Case Scenario this would give me around $660.
  • In the even worst case scenario I could loose the initial investment but as I said, I did my homework of research and my business strategy allows me to loose $300.

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How do you take action

  1. Navigate to this registration link and register yourself.
  2. Define you business strategy. You know yourself better than anyone, so make your calculations, take some money that you is intended only for investments, and go for it.
  3. Choose a plan.
  4. Pay the plan, using Bitcoins. I recommend you may send a bit more(remember than the price of bitcoin is volatile). They will refund you back any bitcoin excess. If you send less, there is chance of cancellation of the invoice of if the plan is activated they will charge you the difference from you daily earnings.
  5. Go to Financials > Wallets > "New Wallet". So you can register the Bitcoin wallet to withdraw your money out.
  6. Wait until you get the minimum amount to withdraw which is $50, and take them out without excuses please.
  7. Repeat step 6, until all your money has been covered.

In the mean time you can invite other people as well. You will get a registration link after you activate your first plan. There is a cheaper plan of $100 + membership fee, and also there are more expensive plans.

  • Money that is being held, this is money that is being stopped from producing more money.
  • Investments must be done after doing research and define your risk tolerance.
  • Never invest in something if you do not understand the business and if you do not have an exit strategy.
  • If you are in doubts, do your own research, and give it a try.

You can observe the Robots in real time - Source

At least they are working all day :D - Source

If you find yourself hesitating or if you need guidance about buying Bitcoins or the plans, just send me a message in the comment section bellow and I will answer you as soon as I can.

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