12 easy, cheap, and free ways to get into the CryptoCurrency markets!

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How do I get into CryptoCurrencys on the cheap?!

If you are not ready to invest your hard-earned cash into the crypto space, or you are having a hard time getting accepted to exchanges and coinbase etc etc… you can still get a start and do a great deal of learning while you are at it. I will go through 12 ways that I have been able to get free alt coins, some are truly free, others have an aspect of your time or talent tied to them while some others require an initial investment but provides steady coin return.


What you will come away with is a better knowledge of the Crypto markets and more importantly a better understanding of what Blockchain is and why it is important to our future.

Faucets (Doge)

Here is an example of a Doge Coin Faucet. All you need to do is enter the wallet address that you would like the coins sent to and there you have it! Most faucets require you to wait 4 – 24 hours before coming back for more free coins. Some wont payout your balance of coins until you reach a certain level. Faucets make money off of advertisers, their goal is to get you to come to the site as often as possible. This is a quick and easy way to bookmark and visit a site a couple times a day and get a few coins.

  • Real World Value of what you receive? About 1 penny per faucet per click. But as they say 1 Doge = 1 Doge !

Surveys (Dentacoin)

Some coins have a survey system tied to their platform, basically you are selling them your data/input. DentaVox is a site where you can answer questions about dental procedures you or your family have had or would consider having. You are rewarded with Dentacoins for completing these. Initially you can take enough surveys to get you about 2000 Dentacoins (they do have other ways to earn with after care but its not released yet). I am sure by the name you can guess that this coin is focused on the dental industry.

  • Real World Value of what you receive? About $1.60 USD for those 2000 coins

Bounties (Ignition Coin)

Some new(er) projects have a very in depth and diverse community surrounding them. Coins like Ignition Coin look to its community of supporters to help cultivate marketing content (graphic designs, videos etc) or to help spread the word via social media. If you have a large following online or are creative in the ways of digital media, you can score some coins in exchange for your content! (no, I am not getting a bounty for included them in this post unfortunately)

  • Real World Value of what you receive? Can vary depending on what you have contributed, the more work you put in, typically the more you are paid

Referrals (Sphere Social)

There are a lot of Blockchain based social media projects coming out (like Steemit) and some of them can reward you for referrals to their platform! Sphere Social rewards you with 50 tokens on its platform for everyone you get to sign up with your referral code! Is this the next facebook? I have no idea, but it’s a quick way to get some tokens on a project that is very young. If it doesn’t make it, you didn’t really spend any money on it so it doesn’t hurt that much.

  • Real World Value of what you receive? They bill the 50 SAT tokens to be worth about 2 dollars (USD)

Content Creation (Steemit)

@thinkingishard That’s me! If you like to create unique content, take great pictures, make new memes, or create amazing videos (especially if youtube has been screwing you lately) then this is the place for you! You are reading this post on Steemit so you are half way there. Create an account start contributing to the conversation and get paid for your posts and comments. Great content is rewarded with upvotes that are worth real-world dollars!

  • Real World Vale of what you receive? Depends on how much people like your content and how much you contribute to the conversation. Some make thousands of dollars a month on Steem.

PoS (@Ignitioncoin)

Proof of Stake. This is a newer method of confirming transactions on a blockchain. Basically you download and open the coins wallet, here is a link to Ignition Coins wallet, then you open and allow it to run on your computer. You will have a copy of the current ledger on your computer allowing you to verify transactions. For doing so you have a chance to receive a coin in exchange for your verification service, the more coins you have in your wallet, the more likely you are to receive the reward. This process consumes way less power and resources than traditional coin mining and can speed up the transaction process immensely!

  • Real World Value of what you receive? Depends on the value of the coin, but in order to really take advantage of this, you would have to invest some money and get some of the coins into your wallet first.

CPU Mining (Sumokoin)

While Bitcoin mining is now left to massive mining operations (that consumes a lot of power and resources) it is still possible for someone with a newer home PC to mine a couple coins on the side. Sumokoin makes it very easy for you to CPU mine their coin, they even have a miner program that is easy to use for a first time miner to dip their toes in the pool (pun intended)! Here is a link to their mining software and you can pick a mining pool to join here for faster results

  • Real World Value of what you receive? With a gen 7 i7 core processor, maybe one coin every 7 days, at current value that’s about 3 bucks (USD). Is it worth leaving your computer running all day everyday? To learn the process and how mining works, sure, to do it for months or years, probably not.

Airdrops (Oyster/Shell)

Some projects have multiple tokens that are used in their platform, sometimes by just owning one of the tokens you will receive an airdrop of the other token for free! Yes you would have had to purchase or some way possess the original token to get the airdrop but its still kinda free! Oyster Pearl / Shell is a great example of this and you can read up on it here..

  • Real World Value of what you receive? Usually its one coin for each coin you have so the value can vary greatly.

Gaming (Montecrypto)

You can always gamble to acquire new coins by going to virtual casinos etc, but that requires a risk and an investment. Montecrypto is a new game released on Steam (not to be confused with Steem) where if you can solve 24 puzzles you can gain access to a wallet that contains 1 whole bitcoin and growing! More details on this game here.

  • Real World Value of what you receive? 10 Thousand dollars and growing!

Predictive Powers (Cindicator)

Cindicator is a project that is leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to better predict where crypto and traditional security markets are trending. Each month they have a pool of award money, if your predictions are more right than wrong (and you have a positive point count) you will receive a portion of that award! They make it even easier by having an app on your phone to answer the questions on. Personally, I find it forces me to stay in tune with the crypto market while giving me a shot at some free ETH.

  • Real World Value of what you receive? Depends on how good of a guesser you are. I would consider myself average and in the first month I made 4 bucks (USD)!

Community Management (Reddit/Discord/Telegram)

Consider donating your time to your favorite project by opening a new or managing an existing community on Reddit/Discord/Telegram. Usually the development teams are willing to pay in coins/tokens for services. This requires you to be attentive to the community and dedicate some time to building the community, but what better way to learn?!

  • Real World Value of what you receive? Subjective ….. Knowledge and Coins

Begging / Social Tipping (Doge/BTC/ETH)

You can always beg for coins. While most people frown on it, there are some new projects coming out that are based on crowd funding principals to allow people to post for help in the form of crypto coins. You can always go to Reddit and beg, they have groups for that OR you can add your payment addresses to any and all content you create so that people can give tip or give funds directly to you! Here is an example of how to beg …..

Feel free to upvote this post and or send me all the ETH you want to this address 0x150dCBb885F23b1c7D35221724b5167755eACa5A

Good luck on your crypto adventure, mine has been fun, not very profitable yet, but very fun and informative!


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That's an informative post! I haven't heard of some of them, and it's always nice to have them in a list, so you had a great idea putting them together! Begging for coins? That would be funny if it wouldn't be all around!

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