How do we make crypto easy?

2년 전

With the number of scam sites out there growing, (TY again @arunava) and the number of viruses/malware infecting PCs on the rise. How the hell do we get mass adaptation of cryptocurrency’s? Most people can’t help from clicking the link in a phishing email or following that link on Facebook, we have a massive user error issue that I don’t know can ever be fixed. The second someone gets scammed out of their coins it’s a big ole FUD fest in the news ….


Because the debt mongers (aka banks) “protect” our money so well. If I suck at being secure online and my credit card or bank info gets stolen. They bank will give me all my money back (yay!). Now I realize that I am paying massive fees and APR and other things to have this privilege, but everyone is so use to it.


I hold my private keys and my system security as the highest priority. I fear the masses will not adopt crypto until it’s on a credit card, and it works like a credit card, and if I did something dumb I can get my money back. This is basically what we have today in a centralized controlled banking system.

I guess it’s the same issue that the global warming activists have, most people around the world agree its getting bad and we are past the point of no return. Yet we still consumer dirty energy at alarming rates. Why? Because its easier for me to just continue to burn fossil fuels then learn to change my ways. A lot of developing countries and basically anyone outside the USA have adopted a lot of renewable energy platforms. I am guessing it will be the same countries that will lead the way in crypto too.

I guess maybe I am more disappointed that where I live people laugh at reform and change, they can’t see the dangers and issues created by the way we conduct ourselves as a global society. Some see the dangers but are too busy being concerned about profit or other indulgences that they just don’t care.


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