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The world is going completely crypto. Daily platforms are been set up to maximize the opportunities that come with this digital asset. HIBT is one of those exchange platforms that makes the exchange of cryptocurrency available either in ETH, BTC, LTC and many others. About HiBTC, this is a very new trading platform, and just launched around early August/2018, but since the vision is to get the customers to enjoy more exchanges which are not made available on several other platforms, the exchange platform choose to go the community-based model as an alternative to the already known centralized business model which perhaps allow theft, fraud, inefficiency or security breach since the centralized business model is not far from been monopolised.
Since the inception of cryptocurrency in 2009, different exchange platform have surfaced, a whopping number of above 500 have been known and 1500 cryptocurrencies have been brought to life ( there is a chance that this number continue to increase geometrically as each day goes by), so the question is what unique offer is HIBT Exchange platform bringing on board.

About HiBTC

cryptocurrency exchange that distributes a portion of its profits to community members and supporters quickly, safely and reliably to get prizes by simply holding certain tokens.

HiBTC will provide a digital asset trading platform that is safe, efficient and convenient for all participants. Hibtc has an HIBT token that has been stepped on the Hibtc exchange. Every HiBTC Dividend Bonus for HIB holders.

At present, the floor only supports 6 electronic currencies, namely BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, USDT and HIBTC, CMT, USE, other immediate coins. Users can voluntarily join a part or all of the HIBT program they have, who will enjoy a different proportion of dividend bonuses than basic dividends.

HiBTC hopes to break the barriers to asymmetric information between shareholders and management, and between companies and users below traditional "corporate" models, and to build organizational structures together and shared so that each HIBT holder has the right to participate in creating platforms business decision.

IBTC may be a new market trade stage which will anchor the digital currency exchanging world. HiBTC has return to provide a protected , proficient, and advantageous advanced resource exchange stage for all dealers.

Each broker and shopper if HiBTC will adequately reach the speculation objectives while not being grieved regarding security of advantages, security and insurance. there's in addition the arrangement of hazard fence instruments, and big speculation target choices of portfolios.

HIBT is that the native token of HiBTC platform. there'll be ten billion of HIBT tokens issued and this range is mounted.

HiBTC guarantees to frequently disperse stage incomes to all HIBT owners. At a similar time, the venture will utilize the "exchange + token" mining model ("confirmation of legitimacy of time + evidence of reasonableness"), and half of the issued HIBT will be compensated to clients by handling exchange payments. In option, HiBTC will likewise exhibit a "Profit Bonus Program". Users can willfully join the program by utilizing part or the greater part of the HIBT tokens that they hold, and notwithstanding the primary profits they will utilize different extra rewards.

In this manner, when the client makes any exchanges on the stage, notwithstanding getting the objective resources, he can likewise get [base profits created + utilizing the HIBT + profit bonus]. All the above information on mining and profits will be distributed progressively and will be extremely straightforward and accessible. In expansion to the value trait, the HIBT resource characteristic is additionally important. The strength of the cost of HIBT specifically influences the eagerness of clients to take an interest in exchanges on the HiBTC platform. To guarantee the steady and solid improvement of HiBTC, we will make people in general record "General Fund Holder" freely accessible to all clients quickly in the wake of utilizing the platform. HIBT, which is put away in the record, will be blocked 100% in the reserve account, While generation isn't finished and won't enter the optional market. Dividends utilized by these HIBTs will initially be utilized to pay the profit reward got in the Dividend Bonus Program, and the rest will be utilized to purchase out HIBT on the auxiliary market, which will likewise be obstructed on the store's account. When the creation is finished, every one of the advantages on the Owner's General Fund Account, including HIBT and profits, will be entirely possessed by all HIBT holders, and a further arrangement will be made open inside the time after creation is finished.

Advantages of HiBTC

SAFETY: You will agree with me that, as much as cryptocurrency has changed the face of the market system, the general acceptance has been marred by the occurrence of a security breach. Fraudsters can take advantage of this digital asset without a success on the track record of such been made. Like several other platforms who came up with a means to tackle this problem. The use of blockchain technology has been adopted to breathe some fresh air on this challenge. HIBTC Platform goes an extra step to ensure the safety of their users by creating additional firewalls for security purposes. They include a multilayer signature model and a cold/hot wallet signature. In addition, the platform partners with other companies to ensure that your digital asset (cryptocurrency) is safe.

EFFICIENCY: Why use an exchange platform that cannot be efficient in its transaction. Unlike many exchange platforms, HIBTC exchange platform guarantees efficiency in your transaction. Rarely we see an exchange platform that best tackles efficiency program as the HIBTC exchange platform. Its advance memory coupling algorithm which can effortlessly handle 2 million transactions in just 1 second is amazing. Not only this, users can enjoy an advanced API interface support coupled with high-security efficiency, GTT, GTC, ICO. In addition, professional investors can be sure of a high-class technical support.

TRANSPARENCY: The crux of successes in all field is to identify a problem and solve it. Not only is the centralized model disorderly, there is a challenge of lack of transparency. Users seem to be in the dark of how the sharing of the revenue made is done. HIBTC exchange platform does not only publicise all platform transaction data, income data and mining data publications are inclusive. This is done on a real-time basis to enhance trust within the exchange platform ecosystem.

INNOVATION: The world is ever evolving, so are its demands. As much as we have platforms who are quick to incorporate new ideas into the daily running of their platform, so do we have others who are status quo based. HIBTC leads the pack of exchange platform with its innovative stride. The exchange platform is the first platform to introduce the usage of 1+1 currency listing dual-channel model which makes the traditional method of free base currency listing mode become obsolete. Users can now have their desire for choice fulfilled. With this innovation, users now have the power to decide where to invest in.


With so much to offer from the exchange platform, there is a need to have the platform identity via which these unparallel benefits can be enjoyed. The only token issued by HIBTC trading platform is HIBT. This token will be generated in three parts namely the Mining part which comes from 50% transaction mining, the thawing part which accounts for 43% of the token generated and the remaining 7% coming from the Early putting parts.
Holders of token stand to gain diverse benefits from this digital enablement symbol ranging from the ability to enjoy revenue distribution to the ability to list recommendations and many other benefits. Isn't that amazing.

The good thing about HIBTC is that you have the right to choose a Token Lockout and get interest rates:

HiBTC offers "Excessive Profit Sharing Plan", which allows users to voluntarily use part or all of HIBT, ie lock HIBT, to receive overdraft payments at different rates. The longer the lockout duration, the higher the rate of overpayment.

HIBT lock
Join the excess dividend plan:

3 days 45%
5 days 50%
7 days 55%
10 days 60%
15 days 65%
30 days 70%
60 days 85%
90 days 100% devident
the dividends we get from people or traders who sell and buy coins in the HIBT market.
we can also get fees from treding at the HIBT market.

Holding / mining: 50% HIBTC Tokens (HIBT) are given to users through the trading process. Users will get the HIBT amount when they trade on the HIBTC Exchange

For example, when Tuyen buys 1,000 Bitcoin (BTC) on HIBTC, HIBTC will charge 0.1%, which in this case will be 1 Bitcoin. When HIBTC receives a commission fee that will occur immediately after Tuyen completes the trade, HIBTC will reward Tuyen with 1 Bitcoin worth HIBT, if the rate of return of the fee (%) is 100%. This prize will be released every one hour.


Right now, the HIBTC venture is arranging different events. The abnormal state of profits is fascinating on the grounds that it enables us to utilize the arrangement of profits in excess. HIBT holders will have the right to participate in decision making process via voting. Voting will be facilitated by smart contract voting system.
A certain amount of HBIT holders will be awarded with right to recommend a token listing. For a clearer comprehension of the task, prescribed connections for additional perusal are given beneath.

For more information, please visit:
Website | Whitepaper | Telegram

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2114926
ETH Address: 0x23719ca76d00ce0e6b0962d2f873f82750c3ae4b

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