Tron daily chart analysis blog #3daily analysis series

3년 전

hello steemit
how are you
so todays analysis
this is the chart of yesterday

And this is the today chart
**So now tron is coming back after touching the level of $.041 Fib level is 23.6% which is strong resistance it returned so now whats next if its continuously down side there is strong support support at the level of $.039 Fib level 68 % but it is still under the 200 day sma. stochastic is indicates it is an overbought zone but Rsi indicates its touch the overbought zone in next few hour so
100 day sma and 50 day sma and 13 day sma indicates it gone to be upgain****

I am sorry i have a personal problem so i am not giving the another 3 coin analysis i am extremely sorry

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