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There is no gainsaying the fact that trading crypto coins alone would amount to boredom. With constant domination by the bears and the whales making a living off the hodlers, there is no denying the fact that the crypto-sphere is full of speculations. Except for the likes of Vergecurrency (XVG), the Tronix token (TRX), IOTA (MIOTA), Ripple’s XRP and few other coins that gained mainstream adoption because of their use cases, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for cryptocurrencies.

The launch of the Bitcoin SuperStore extended the reach of cryptographic currencies. For the first time, users can purchase goods online and pay with digital assets. The same feat is the premise for Chimpion’s invention but this time; it is closer to home – the crypto community.

Securing the E-Commerce Sector

The major concentration is to boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies; especially, as a payment system in online stores. Chimpion is looking at repositioning the e-commerce industry for better strides.
First, it offers brick-and-mortar stores the infrastructure to port their businesses to the cyberspace.

Secondly, the solution will be viable in emerging markets that are looking at the use of crypto coins in their domain. Apart from these, the platform also promises to facilitate the process of setting up an e-commerce platform and securing transactions through the secure Chimpion Token (BNANA).


There is no stone left unturned in the search to actualize its mission. Chimpion crypto e-commerce ecosystem works on the premise of the blockchain technology. The latter is powered by the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPoS) consensus. There is also the opportunity for merchant storefronts to take advantage of the Proof-of-Store as Proof-of-Stake (poS as PoS) protocol to become master nodes on the platform.

Crypto Payments – An Empowerment for Merchants

Governments that were hitherto against the prospects of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies a decade ago are already rebounding and making use of these unique technologies in different use cases.

The necessitation of Chimpion’s launch is to facilitate the adoption of digital assets as payment tools. Now, merchants have an interest in exploring this option and crypto e-commerce platform meets the pain points. Merchants can receive payments in cryptos and avoid expensive transaction fees.

In addition, they will bypass slow cross-border remittance and getting facilitations in transactions. The focus is to open up the e-commerce space for merchants that want to utilize crypto coins for payments.

Rising Above Hate

Certainly, traditional platforms will be wary of Chimpion and might be under threats from the great strides. The platform has competitive advantages that give it the upper hand above other e-commerce platforms.

First, the targeting of emerging markets will get massive adoption by users that want to spend their digital assets on goods. It promises to rank stores higher in search engines. In addition, it is set to beat Storiqa (another decentralized e-commerce platform) hands down by allowing the latter’s apologetics to launch their storefronts on Chimpion.

Token Allocations

Team and Advisors: 5%
Community Airdrop: 60%
Foundation Payroll: 10%
Partners: 15%
Marketing: 7%

Token Information

I guess by now you all might already know the function of the token in the Ecosystem but incase you don't know, the Banana token would be used to make payments in Crypto to e-commerce portals, it would be the main form of exchange in the Chimpion Ecosystem and the uses of the Token cannot be overestimated. Presently the token can be exchanged in Mercatox Exchange and can be stored in any Ethereum ERC-20 Compactable wallet.

  • Token Name: Banana Token
  • Ticker: BNANA
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Token Supply: 100 billion BNANA
  • Token Type: Utility

The Team

The two team members below are the brains behind Chimpion but there are other team members as well that work tirelessly to ensure that Chimpion becomes a success, Chimpion has a complete team and there are capable people in every imaginable department, at last count, the total development team members of Chimpion numbers over 70 hardworking people.


The partners of Chimpion are not just partners in paper to make the project look good, they are active contributors to the development of Chimpion, infact presently they are working hand in hand with Chimpion to build a wallet that would be released sometime in the near future, see the partners below;

Accessible by All

The platform does not place stringent restrictions. Rather, it operates a community model that allows different merchants to put their services and goods on display without nursing fears of chargeback and limitations in the transaction speed. Merchants also have the option of improving their stores’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and also sell goods to customers that want to liquefy their assets. After successful completion of sales, merchants can choose between converting their funds to cryptocurrency or exchange for a suitable stable coin such as PAX, USDC, and USDT.

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