The pattern warns of lowering the price of a litecoin

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The fact that litecoin moves after Bitcoin is known to everyone. Therefore, looking at the movement of the Litetcoin course, one can judge where Bitcoin is going. Now a pattern has been developed on the lightcoin chart that tells us where the price of the coin will go.

We look at the stock chart of the coin. Timeframe 1 day.


On this exchange chart, a pattern is clearly visible, which is called the "Ascending widening wedge". This tells us that soon the price of LTC will begin to fall. Therefore, I believe that in the near future the price of a coin will drop a little. This pattern is true and works at 90%..

The rule says - if the asset price rises twice forming at the same time an ascending expanding wedge, then after that we should expect a price break through the lower wedge boundary.

Therefore, all LTC holders are required to be very attentive.

On the other hand, the price of liitecoin is very low, so do not be afraid that litecoin will drop a lot.

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I don't know what to think about Litecoin. It has potential as a payment platform but it needs to get more adoption aggressively before competitors such as STEEM, Cardano, and NANO build more of a base. I list those because those on the ones that I find are the easiest to move around for practically nothing.


This year, doubling the complexity. In any case, the price will rise strongly up.