Part 2 of my Interview with Doug from

2년 전

In this part of the interview I spoke with Doug about his regular journalling of his thoughts when looking at the cryptocurrency markets and how it's helped him become a successful trader.

It was really great to chat because I he describes some common mistakes that I notice with my own trading. Correcting these means incredible increases in profits!

Doug's upcoming free course on trading cryptocurrencies here:

Doug's book recommendations:

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many thanks for posting this part of the interview @vaderiffic - when I take a long-term perspective, and I study all of my trading over the last few years, then I’m able to sit more comfortably on my trades when I make the decision. I can wait for the money to actually work for me. Rather than me sitting watching the charts all the time!

And I sort of give credit and thanks back to the people who helped me through creating the books and the courses as they did. I took those courses, I learned from them.

like Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’
or Phil Laut’s book, ‘Money Is My Friend’
or ‘Phantom Of The Pits’…

all these guys wrote stuff that made a huge difference in my life!

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