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Bureaucracy affects virtually every area of ​​our lives, but when it comes to our health, it takes on greater importance. Our medical data is currently practically centralized in the hands of the medical institution we assist, along with a whole series of laws and regulations. Privacy laws make it very difficult to transfer our medical information.

Once the patient overcomes the bureaucratic barrier by requesting patient's request for personal information, a new problem arises.

Virtually every medical institution has a closed system in most cases incompatible with those of other institutions. And if we talk about our medical data being spread in several medical institutions, it becomes more difficult.

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For example, a patient may have to retake the same blood and X-ray tests when they change from hospital A to hospital B. A patient may also have to revisit the hospital and pay for a medical report. Patients are often victims of this additional cost with the current record keeping system.

This leads to many problems, as doctors may have trouble providing adequate treatment if a patient incorrectly communicates his medical history. Medical researchers can only have limited access to medical records data due to private data protection laws.


BlockChain is a tool as powerful as it is effective and it is probably the closest way, known in the last decades, that we will have to protect and decentralize the handling of clinical information.

The overall vision of BlockChain is to create a common database of medical information in which doctors and providers can access regardless of the electronic system they use, with greater security and privacy. A decentralized system would imply less administration time, so there would be more time to dedicate it to patient care and even better share the results of the research in order to contribute to knowledge.

Some probable applications of BlockChain in health can be listed in medical data management, while electronic medical records can be improved and allow safe access of patient records to any provider that needs it, solving the waste of time, money and duplication of procedures, confusion and sometimes even life problems. The records are distributed among many different facilities and providers.

Medibloc emerges as an alternative to overcome these obstacles.

What is MediBloc?.

MediBloc is a technology company building a decentralized personal health record (PHR) platform on blockchain. Currently, medical records are fragmented and scattered across medical institutions. MediBloc aims to integrate these records and create a patient-centric platform which will allow patients to utilize their healthcare data.
MediBloc Help
MediBloc is a open source decentralized healthcare data platform based on Blockchain. Its ecosystem contains all patients medical information with the purpose to create a Personal Health Record (PHR).

MediBloc Whitepaper page 07

MediBloc seeks to give patients total control over their medical's history data, as well as the authority to choose who has access to their medical data.

MediBloc, wishes to grant ownership of medical records to its users (patients) and not to hospitals or health entities, who even can charge for a copy of the documents.

To explain this easily, when a patient needs to change hospital, but it is ubicate in another city or country, must invest time and money to "recover" their medical records, but in worse cases with the possibility of partial or total loss of the record. With MediBloc it can not happen, the patient has the full right to personally handle his medical record without relying on hospitals or doctors, the patient simply allows access to medical records to the new medical institutions he will attend, saving time and money, as long as them are part of the MediBloc platform.

MediBloc seeks to mix the world of health with the world of technology in order to ensure, consolidate and provide easy access to all medical records of a person, this with the same effectiveness and security offered by the Blockchain for financial transactions ( Cryptocurrencies), for this reason it is completely safe to integrate all the scattered medical data of several institutions (even from other countries) of the patient and add it to the MediBloc platform.

Another important aspect of MediBloc is that data can be collected via smartphone.or another personal device.

To get more info check this video

MediBloc Benefits

MediBloc Website

Maximum Security

Starting from the premise that all medical information must be confidential, each institution establishes the mechanics it deems necessary to protect it, but this means the participation of intermediaries in the backup of the data, who have access to it, increasing the risk of leaks, manipulation or even loss of the data. There may also be cases where data is taken without the patient's consent.

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MediBloc through its platform Bockchain aims to transfer to each patient the authority to access, collect and share all of their healthcare information, without any type of intermediary. In a way similar to how it is done in the cryptocurrency exchange Blockchain platforms.

High Reliability

MediBloc Store all healthcare information in a decentralized data storage, which prevents the loss of data. The platform is designed so that it is not easy for users to delete or edit the data stored on the platform, in addition to this, data integrity checks are continuously carried out and data is frequently backed up.

It is important to note that the healthcare provider's credential guarantees that only verified medical practitioners can access the data and they can only see it after receiving authority from the owner (patient).

These 2 characteristics guarantee a High Reliability of the MediBloc platform

High level of Transparency

With MediBloc you are the owner of your data, allowing consumers the authority to handle everything concerning their healthcare data.

MediBloc in order to guarantee High level of Transparency, Record all the activity concerning who write, read and have access to medical information on the MediBloc blockchain.

However MediBloc will transparently provid This information, including tracking of who, when, where and for what purpose the healthcare information was used.

In this way, users are always aware of the use that is being made of their healthcare data. In conventional systems this is not possible and patients in most cases have no idea who checks their healthcare data and if it is being used without their consent.

A healthcare data will be encrypted and stored in a distributed database outside the blockchain. (IPFS, etc) Only the hashed value of the healthcare data is recorded onto the blockchain. Therefore, what random people see when accessing the blockchain is the hash value of the medical data, not the healthcare data itself.

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High Interoperability

One of the aspects that most slows the fact that currently our medical data is currently centralized is the lack of standardized. transfer to medical history of a patient from one hospital to another is something that continues to cause headaches.

One of the main advantages offered by MediBloc is due to the fact that it is an open source platform, which allows several applications within the MediBloc ecosystem to interact and connect allowing the use of data stored on the platform between them.

The standardized data like medical images or genetic information can easily be transferred through the MediBloc Platform.

For other hand, no standardized data like medical records, laboratory results, test, etc. MediBloc establishes several formats.

The major plan for MediBloc is provide API / SDK various formats like FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources).

As well as taking into account the flexibility of the MediBloc platform, there is the possibility to develop a code that supports other formats to upgrade the interoperability.

Finally MediBloc intends its platform to interact with EMR / EHR systems that use different hospitals to interoperate with MediBloc platform.

MediBloc pretend partnering with existing EMR and EHR system providers to expand the interoperability.

High Accessibility

Just need internet, with access to internet, all users can easily handle all about their Healthcare data. This way you save time and money looking for your medical records in medical centers. This becomes more important when the patient is ill.

As mentioned above, you only need internet access and you can do it with your Smartphone, a few touch of the screen and you can easily access all your medical information and allow access to the medical institution. At this moment the medical institution will have access to all your medical history, the MediBloc Platform has High Accessibility.

Important to highlight the data is completely restricted outside medical institution

What if you dont have a personal device like a smartphone?.

Currently is not possible access without a personal device. Each personal devices will store a private key to decrypt the encrypted medical data.

Because each personal device requires a private key, currently is not possible use.

Patient Centered Healthcare Information System.

A very interesting aspect within the Medibloc ecosystem. Previously it has been commented on the studies carried out by medical institutions within the platform, but in addition to this, patients can also make their contribution


With Collectively stores Patient Generated Health Record (PGHR).

This consists in the storage of the data recorder by patients, which can be contributed to medical investigations outside the MediBloc blockchain.

MediBloc Technical detail.

The MediBloc platform consists of 3 layers: Core, Service, and Application.

MediBloc Whitepaper page 10

First Layer: MediBloc Core.

In simple words, the core layer is a healthcare data network, responsible for storing all Personal and medical information.

This data is collected and transferred by means of the MediBloc provided SDK applications and later it is encrypted using an individual private key, only the owner of the personal healthcare data can decrypt and reveals it. The encrypted data itself is stored on a decentralized, distributed storage network. But since the amount of data stored in the blockchain is limited, the Healthcare data will be stored in a distributed database outside the blockchain like InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

The core layer is accessible through the service layer and provides a backup and recovery system as prevention.

MediBloc platform is an EVM decentralization application (DApp), EVM is supported by multiple blockchain platforms like ethereum and Qtum which makes MediBloc a flexible platform.

MediBloc uses Qtum for being the most scalable and public blockchain for using POS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm.

Also Qtum is a China platform and MediBloc will operate here (and Korea) and it can suppose advance into the Chinese market

Second layer MediBloc Service

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In simple words, this is the blockchain layer information and provide the necessary services to link the other 2 layer, High layer - Application and Low layer - Core, as well, a easy transfer flow (input / output) of data with the core layer.

Service layer make use of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Smart contract, this include MED balance and medical information within the core layer.

MediBloc Application Layer

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This is the "visible" layer where all the applications (developed for website environments, smartphones, tablets, etc.) compatible with the Medibloc ecosystem that can handle healthcare information coexist. These applications are accessible through the Service Layer.

Application Layer is where users can access their medical data, they can observe their MED balance, review their history and other functions such as information search, automatic insurance claim, medical reports, exchange of medical data with researchers and medical institutions.

This application is targeted at three types of accounts: general users, doctors and medical institutions, and data researchers.

MediBloc SDK

For easier and faster app development, MediBloc offer SDK, which will help create applications that can be linked to MediBloc platform. However, from a technical point of view, developer communities can build new services with the MediBloc platform API and SDK to exchange data with the platform and drive innovations in the healthcare applications market.

MediBloc do not restrict users to any use of SDK, as long as developers follow the communication protocols for the future platform

MediBloc Account

MediBloc has 3 types of accounts, each with a different level of authority and roles within the MediBloc ecosystem:

1)General Users
2)Healthcare Providers Medical practitioners - institutions)
3)Data Researchers (medical researchers, healthcare apps/services).

MediBloc Whitepaper page 12

First of all Healthcare Providers and Data Researchers must be certified.

For general users, there is no access to read or write other Healthcare data accounts except for certain exceptional conditions such as:

Difficulties for the patient to use MediBloc, in these cases the account can be managed by a member of his family, as long as he has the consent of the patient. It also applies to the case of children, in which even though the data is associated with a private key, their parents are the ones who would manage the account.

There are more dramatic cases, such as a serious accident, loss of conscience or any other inconvenient that prevents the patient from transmitting their medical information.

The healthcare consumer may collect vital information about the patient's health (such as blood type, allergy, etc.) for emergency cases like these.

In these circumstances, healthcare providers like paramedics have the right to view this information without approval of the account owner.

Healthcare Provider Credential System

Earlier it was mentioned that all Healthcare Providers and Data Researchers must be certified. This is achieved through the Healthcare Provider Credential System.

This in order to keep the MediBloc platform reliable and make a distinction between general users and health experts.

MediBloc will operate a certification system that is a hybrid of verified decentralization approach and peer-to-peer method, both from trustworthy and certified systems. To increase reliability of the P2P method, the authenticator will deposit to fixed MediPoint (MP) .12

MediBloc Whitepaper page 12

The verification will be rewarded and the intention to deceive the system will be punished and sanctioned. In order to keep the platform free of scams

MediBloc Database

In the current centralized systems of clinical records there is little digital storage space, only a few megabytes. However with the passage of time
More and more medical studies show larger data storage, such as high-resolution images, videos or audios.

However, in view of Blockchain's own limitations in terms of storage, MediBloc does not intend to save all medical data in the blockchain.

The data will be store outside of the blockchain and only the hash value of it will be saved in the MediBloc blockchain. MediBloc encrypts data using a private key that can only be decrypted by the owner.

But, then were medical data will be stored?.

Into your personal device (smartphones, tables, computers, etc). Your device will be the primary data storage. that means all data collected by personal devices will be stand in off blockchain storage.

And if a loss data or my personal device will be broken?.

In the low layer of the MediBloc Platform, the MediBloc Core, a backup will be made to prevent the data loss, The integrity of the stored data can be verifies through the hash value in the blockchain

All user have free 1GB of storage for their medical data, this should be sufficient but in case of requiring more space, MediBloc offers low cost for additional storagespace.

MediBloc pretend build their own data network bases on IPFS



MediBloc complies with international standards set forth by HIPPA,etc. in managing all of our data storages.

MediBloc Whitepaper page 13

MediBloc Data Search System

A very important aspect within the ecosystem of MediBloc, is housed in the second layer, MediBloc Service.

Basically, as the name implies, it is a search engine (like google) within the ecosystem of MediBloc, in which all users have the possibility of seeking medical information. Of course, all users have the authority to deny access to their
healthcare information to be found in the search. In the same way, the users can establish search restrictions.

In view of this, the search engine is designed to search first those accounts to which their owners allow to be searched.

With respect to the users that allow their medical data to be searched, their index information will be stored by the MediBloc Search Systems
That means, Medical researchers can collect, exchange or request the purchase of that information.

The search system is flexible. users who wish to keep their medical information out of the search system but are interested in donating or selling
part of their medical data, can do it.


MediBloc Youtube

Medical researchers can post a data request with the compensation for the user who provide the data.

MediBloc Youtube

In the same way, users can establish in their devices notifications to participate in data sharing.

But it is secure?.

In order to keep any type of exposure/breaching to a minimum, MediBloc will use Intel®Software Guard Extensions (SGX)[24],a system that blocks even the system administrator from accessing the data. Sensitive patient data will all be saved in “enclave”, minimizing any risk of exposure and keeping data safe.

MediBloc Whitepaper page 13


MediBloc will issue MediToken (MED), following the QRC token standard (the Qtum token standard that corresponds to Ethereum ERC20) [25]. MediBloc is Qtum-based, but Qtum currently uses the same protocol as Ethereum when it comestotoken, therefore making Qtum-based tokens included as ERC20.

MediBloc Whitepaper page 15

MediBloc Whitepaper page 15

In few words, Medi Token (MED) is the core of the socio economic exchange in the MediBloc platform because it allows all users: General Users, Healthcare Providers and Data Interacts with the different level of the platform and outside. As well serves to pay for all services associated with the platform, like additional medical data storage for example.

MediBloc has another token, one for internal use of the platform, Medi Points (MP). Basically it is a reputation system that is increased as
that users participate and interact within the ecosystem. MPs can not be transferred between users.

Its primary reason is to maximize the data exchange reliability

Something important to highlight with respect to MP is that it should be seen as an indicator of the participation of a user within the
plafatorma, should not be confused as medical skill level. However, it is a criterion to be taken into account by patients when selecting a medical practitioner.

The easy way to get more MP is used MED to buy it, but as well you can actively participate in producing or trading data.

MediBloc Whitepaper page 15

But how?.

To medical practitioners, MPs are paid in return for creating medical records

To General users, simply using MediBloc to manage personal healthcare information and contributing to the platform.

In both cases, the amount will be determined by the type of medical information recorder.

The MPS can be removed to Med after 3 months reservation period, as well as MPs can be eliminated after 24 months.

Uses Cases.

Personal Health Report.

MediBloc Whitepaper page 21

It is common in our smartphone to have all kinds of file managers or AI that facilitate our daily work, now we can use this for the benefit of our health.

Group all our medical information and consolidate them in MediBloc allows us to determine quickly and accurately as we are, whether notifying if we have skipped any medical check or establishing patterns of medical control, in order to establish a whole series of analyzes of all the data of our medical history.

Having detailed access to our medical consultations allows us to have on hand all the medical procedures that were used, the medicines (and their components) and any side effects of having manifested themselves.

Automatic Insurance Claim.

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Thanks to Smarth Contracts in no longer needed to submit a claim to the insurance company. All medical data about the treatment storage in MediBloc platform will automatically be billed to the patient's insurance plan

All time service.
MediBloc provides another great benefit, it is possible to maintain communication with the doctor and receive online assistance at any time of the day. This is largely because the doctor has access to your medical information and is aware of your current status.

Social Networking Service.
MediBloc provice social network so that patients with the same disease can share their experiences, treatments and knowledge. In the same way this social network is open for the participation of Medical providers and researchers who have studies related to this disease. From this exchange of information there may be advances to improve the health of patients.

Clinical Trial

MediBloc Whitepaper page 23

MediBloc can be used by clinical research and pharmaceutical companies for the realization of medical studies or trials, this by means of the obtaining of the medical data of MediBloc users, with the previous consent of the same.

Users whose medical data qualifies among the parameters desired for the study, can receive MED as payment for providing their data.

P2P Healthcare Data Market

MediBloc Whitepaper page 22

Through MED and MP all users (General Users, Healthcare Providers and Data Doctors) can exchange their medical data. As well it serves to pay for all services associated with the platform, like additional medical data storage for example and in case of Healthcare Providers and Data, pay MED for obtaining medical data for their studies.

Artificial Intelligent
It is normal to have in our smarthphones any AI that keeps track of the activities that we must do during our day to day.

In terms of health this can be very useful, an AI incorporated MediBloc platform allows better monitoring of our medical data, facilitating the review of it, establishing calculations and reminding us about certain activities or care we should have.

Taking into account the amount of data generated in Medibloc along with the quality of it, we could see chatbot services

For more information about this project, you can check the MediBloc Articles.



MediBloc Whitepaper page 24

Basic Application Roadmap

MediBloc Whitepaper page 26

The Team.


Do you Want join MediBloc Team?



MediBloc has already established many partnerships to ensure that their technology has real reach when it enters the market.

MediBloc Partner Program


MediBloc Youtube

Healthcare is a fundamental part of our lives, for something, with health everything can be done.

Despite technological advances of all kinds, in medicine there are problems to solve, one of these is the centralization of our Healthcare data.

Critical information is often dispersed across multiple facilities, and sometimes is not accessible when it is most needed; a situation that takes place every day, and that costs money and, sometimes, even lives.

But it is also a problem that seems tailored for the blockchain technology to solve it.

Imagine that when a doctor treats a patient or prescribes a new prescription, the person agrees to add a reference to a blockchain, a decentralized digital record book like the one that holds Bitcoin. Instead of payments, this chain of blocks would register critical medical information in a cryptographic database that is practically impossible to corrupt. Each time a doctor points to a reference in the block chain, it becomes part of a patient's history, regardless of the electronic system used by the doctor. Thus, any other doctor could use it without worrying about incompatibility problems.

These and other improvements proposed MediBloc, they were mentioned throughout the post.

MediBloc is a real alternative to have full control of our Healthcare data.

MediBloc has taken advantage of the current benefits offered by the blockchain, offering data security, backup confidentiality, smart contract among others.

MediBloc Youtube

All this in the palm of your hand, thanks to MediBloc can be used on your Smartphone.

The next step is to achieve a complete standardization of Healthcare data.

MediBloc Youtube

MediBloc is taking steps in that direction.

MediBloc Youtube

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MediBloc FAQ
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MediBloc Medium
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