Long term investing (1+ year) thoughts

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Investing long term (especially 1+ year) is hard. Many coins haven't been around for that long. Recent bear market has wiped hundreds of projects.

You never know what is happening behind the scenes - everything can look great outside meanwhile the project can be weeks from going bankrupt.


Fund management

  • Has the project been around for longer than I'm investing?

  • In case of a long lasting bear market, how will they survive? Will they need to start selling tokens or do they have any other revenue streams?

  • (If ICO), did they liquidate funds to USDT or did they hold ETH? (Redflag if they held - shows greed and stupidity)

  • Are they on a respectable exchange? Ex: Binance

  • Do they marketmake/trade their own tokens?

Current accomplishments and goals

  • What have they accomplished in the current x months is a good indicator on what they are going to accomplish in the next y months.

  • Mainnet/product launched: Are they getting users/developers - adoption?

  • Mainnet/product not yet launched: When are they planning on launching? How will they get users/developers - adoption?


  • Is CEO/core team flashing rolex and lambos on social media?

  • Is the CEO/core team involved in other projects or is he focused on just one?

  • Big team? (Bad if bear market comes)

  • Experience?

  • How well have the different team members been doing their job so far? Devs: Check code if open source. CMO: Check social media / community size. etc.

  • Use as many sources of information as possible and compare.

The project

  • Is the project needed?

  • Does this project need a token?

  • Usecase?

  • Will anyone ever use this?

  • What is different from every other project?

  • Whitepaper, study it.

Chart and token metrics

  • Weekly/Monthly timeframe

  • If you invest long term, remember not to check the daily chart 3 times a day.

  • It's okay to take profits.

  • What am I expecting from this investment? Be realistic.

  • Inflaction/token release schedules for team/advisors/seed?

I probably forgot a few things here, if you see anything that should be listed let me know.

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Always make sure to invest in something tangible in the first place. :)

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