Why ALTS dumping so much ?!

2년 전

The Zeronauts

I would like to explain to you, why Day traders sell off their ALTS when BTC pumps.

Simple reason is that ALTS price is determined by BTC price, if BTC goes up the ALTS price goes up and they get corrected in the BTC value so their USD rate will stay the same, one simple thing to do is to exit the ALT coin so you will enjoy from the raise of the BTC price in USD, means you will have same BTC but more USD, if you stay you have less BTC and same USD (most of the time).

Indeed, Some Good ALTS projects like LINK, WTC, CDT went against the trend, they went up with BTC and here you go, double profits, on your BTC rate and USD rate 👏👏

As of now, there aren't many good projects, maybe LIBRA will be the next one, who knows.
The most important thing for the ALTS market is BTC stability, with that stability (1%-2% waves range) - the ALTS investors are not afraid to go into ALTS, they prefer to risk 1%-2% drop to gain 20%-100% gain on their ALTS.

When ALT Season will come? ask BTC. I expect to see it trading in smaller and smaller range while the time passes by, our estimation is 7 days or more.

I also shared this article on TRYBE

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