Videos from this weekend's D10e - The Leading Conference On Decentralization

3년 전

Here are some videos and details from the D10e conference @virtualgrowth attended this weekend as a representative of OpenLedger who sponsored the event.

Check out some videos from my opportunity to attend D10e this past weekend talking to people about decentralized things including and beyond bitcoin, OpenLedger, bitshares, steem(it), and more. Great experience getting to listen to some speakers while interacting with many people from different parts of crypto space from new comers to people looking for opportunities. Then getting to speak with people with some interesting projects some of which I may potentially advise or consult to help them better learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency and possibly get some of them involved with ones I support such as bitshares, OpenLedger, and steem(it) of course!

First is Daniel Pineda of AppTrade who I attending this conference with speaking on some of his view on decentralization

Visit or sign up for OpenLedger HERE

Everex at d10e

Alexi Lane, CEO – Everex - EVX business-backed token crowdsale

Bancor at d10e

Galia Benartzi, Co-Founder Bancor


David Orban is an investor, entrepreneur, author, keynote speaker, and thought leader of the global technology landscape.
David is the Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures, a seed stage global venture investment firm. Network Society Ventures seeks to invest in disruptive technology-based companies that are leading the transformation from the post-industrial age to the Network Society.

Konstantin Gladych, CEO

Konstantin Gladych is the CEO and co-founder at, instant cryptocurrency exchange. Konstantin is deeply involved into the crypto industry for the last few years, participates in different projects including Minergate, the biggest Monero mining pool. Prior to taking the role of CEO, Konstantin was managing mobile trading and advertising products. He is well experienced in digital marketing and business development.

More about d10e may be found

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nice video and article

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Great Post ! really informative