Join COINLAYERS Exchange Airdrop, and get 300,000 LAYT tokens worth $200 for free

4년 전

COINLAYERS Exchange is giving away 300,000 LAYT tokens, worth of ~$200 for each registered member.

Steps to receive COINLAYERS tokens:

  1. Register with COINLAYERS Exchange 
  2. Activate your account by verifying your mail(It may take sometime to get verification mail).
  3. Login and then click on 'MENU' >> click on 'Account settings' >> look for 'YOUR REFCODE' and copy that ref code.
  4. Join the official 'CoinLayers' Telegram Group 
  5. Paste your REFCODE in telegram group (Ex: /xxxxxxxx)
  6. That's it, wait for your code to get verified, then you will receive your coins.

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Thanks for this information....

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i tried to register.registration is currently paused..

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Thanks for that very interesting information.

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nice post good airdrop @joseleonardojose kryptonia

Thanks for sharing!