Join MOBU Airdrop, and get 50 MOBU tokens and 25 MOBU for each referral.

4년 전

MOBU is a decentralized platform for launching the security tokens, End-to-End solution.

MOBU is giving away 50 MOBU tokens, worth $7.5 for each registered member.

Additionally get 25 MOBU tokens for each member you refer, and extra 10 MOBU tokens if your referral invites another member.

  • Ticker name: MOBU
  • Total supply: 350,000,000 MOBU
  • ICO price: 1 MOBU = $0.15 USD
  • Official website:

MOBU Airdrop Link: Click here to Register for MOBU Airdrop

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Wow nice post it is please follow and upvote

can i see whitepaper?


Please check their website, you can get all the details.

Nice post

nice your post

Thanks for sharing, interesting airdrop!

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I want to share with you guys a new exciting project I have just discovered: RAWG.

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The ICO will start in a short period and they are at the moment in pre-ICO phase. This is the site: It's a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services (the site is already working, with more than 57,000 games in the database).

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Great project of mobu