SYNERGY will do +50% the next couple of hours

4년 전

Crazy week of pumps on Bittrex for some reason!

And I noticed a particular pattern on some of the pumps of little known altcoins I want to show you on the graphs comparison.

Yesterday it was GEO.
Today looks like it's SYNERGY's turn.

See the likenes of those two graphs:

(GEO, yesterday)

(SYNERGY, today)

First - a crazy spike in 1 candle!
Then - flat several hours!

First crazy candle - when in 1-2 minutes it goes up like several hundred percent - is hardly predictable and we rarely can react so fast. (but congrats who managed to ride that!)
But then - it goes flat for several hours!
And THAT I found is the best and safest time to buy little known altcoins being pumped by this particular kind of pump.

So, if the pattern proves right, feels like SYNERGY will rise +50% or so the next hour or so.

So buy during those flat hours and hold for half-a-day or so.
See what happens.

I bought some Synergy an hour ago, just in case!
Let's see if my prediction is right. :)

Happy trading!

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My god, how right I was!

It's 4 hours later and it's +500 % now!