Why SAFEX will be the only relevant marketplace you will use, and why you should be LONG SAFEX.

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The decentralized marketplace of the future? I believe so and here are the main bullet points of note for this coin.

Please take note that there are 2 coins involved in this discussion. They are SAFEX and Chille coin, and are DIRECTLY related. Currently SAFEX is all you can buy. More to follow.

SAFEX will be part of the chille blockchain upon completion. The Chille blockchain will be 100% anonymous. You will not need TOR, you will not need a work-around to still misleadingly call it a private coin. Chille blockchain will be completely anonymous from GO.

SAFEX is currently on the bitcoin blockchain, this is at a hugely undeveloped stage. Luckily, they have been around for awhile and we are turning the corner for chille blockchain to be completed. There are estimates and wiggle rooms, but I fully anticipate completion within 6 months.

On the completion and migration to the Chille blockchain a snapshot will take place. Chille coins will then be a reality, and a piece of chille coins will be given to SAFEX holders. We are unclear about the exact numbers at this time, but this is significant.

The relationship between SAFEX and Chille are very distinct. Chille is intended to be the marketplace currency, and SAFEX holders will be given dividends of the transaction fees. We do not yet know the rate, and a DIVIDEND CALCULATOR is expected to be released September 24th. Dividends will be paid in Chille coin. The interesting thing about the marketplace is that SAFEX can still be used as a currency on the marketplace if desired, though I advise against it. SAFEX is however expected to be required for payment to set up a vendor store on the marketplace.

Transaction fees are confirmed to be below the leading centralized competitors. Through my discussions with Dan, and public slack talk, I can tell you that we have a level headed and well planned vision from the team. I fully anticipate transaction fees to be only as low as necessary, therefore maximizing our dividends as SAFEX holders.

Another important feature is voting. Voting is significant because we as hodlers will be given the opportunity to put forward ideas for voting on the direction and development of the community and blockchain features. This is very significant, and talking with Dan has enlightened many of us to his distinct plans of the future. One of the features on his list are a decentralized exchange. Decentralized exchanges will eventually become a very common thing, but decentralized exchange tied to a completely anonymous marketplace will be something else entirely.

The chille blockchain marketplace is going to be a very interesting place. Given the direction of recent design changes, I am expecting perhaps the most polished marketplace we've ever seen. While the new designer has been with SAFEX team a very short time, there has been some beautiful changes and some other nice proposed work. In addition to the look, usability will likely be off the chart. Dan has a very deep desire to explain things in depth and make things as easy as possible, this is seen in his youtube videos and articles outlining numerous walk-throughs and make-easy guides.

For my last point, I shall not go into detail of thought but I want to mention; A completely anonymous coin, with no TOR necessary, that also produces dividends has incredible usecase. If I hadn't mentioned it already, the marketplace will be completely decentralized and this is perhaps the most important point. An anonymous, decentralized marketplace.

For all of these reasons, and what I have learned talking to Dan (over the internet,) and seen of his discussion and thought process. I have utmost faith in the direction of SAFEX. This doesn't mean it'll be a 100 billion dollar coin, this means that for the foreseeable future and for as long as DAN and his team displays the forward thinking that I currently see, I will be a VERY Long term hodler of SAFEX.

Upcoming Events within the next 30ish days for SAFEX;
Dividend Calculator (sept 24th)
Crypto meeting/conference in Tokyo (sept 30th)
Chille Whitepaper release (likely within the next 20-30 days)

My goal is to give exposure to a coin that I feel has very little at this time.

Please remember, for best storage of your coins you need to put them on paper wallets. Be mindful that you will very likely have to have your coins in the SAFEX wallet when we hear about the snapshot. You will not want to miss out on this, as the current date has not been released.

Disclaimer; I am a large hodler of SAFEX. I am not a cryptocurrency made millionaire, I have a successful career in the finance industry and my personal funds are where I pull from for investments.

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