On The Allegory Of The Cave

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In his book, "The Republic" Plato tells the story of a group of people who are chained inside a cave. The prisoners have no contact with the outside world and they only see shadows casted on the walls of the caves and believe that the shadows are the real depictions of the outside world.

One day, A prisoner manages to get out of the cave and he sees the real world. His eyes are blinded by the light of the sun and after sometime his eyes adjust to the light and he starts to see things the way they are. He realizes that there's a whole new dimension to things and the shadows he saw while living inside the cave was just a mere reflection of reality.

He then goes back into the cave and when he enters he slips and falls down, His eyes are not able to adjust to the darkness in the cave but he manages to make it back and tells the other prisoners what he saw and how their reality was nothing more than mere phantoms of the real world. The other prisoners weren't impressed and they slowly start to get angry and after sometime they plot to kill him...

Now why am I writing about this?

Well, It's because of a incident that happened in real life and it made me realize that how I just witnessed the killing of the enlightened man by the other prisoners.

It all started a few months ago when I rejoined my old gym after a year, Most of the people I knew back from the old days were gone but there was a couple of people from the old days. There was this new guy who had started a few months earlier and he's the soon to be enlightened man.

He was skinny af and his posture was a complete mess, He started researching a bit online and he found out that most people in the gym were doing everything wrong and he talked to the trainer about this and it didn't end well, The trainer assured him that he knows what he's doing and he has lot's of experience training people etc etc and the whole thing blew over in a couple of days. One day I was talking to Jim(Let's call him that for now) and somehow he said that the world is controlled by a secret society called the Illuminati and I was like, "Yeah, I know bro". He was baffled at first and we started talking about a few other controversial topics. After a few days there was a discussion about how most of the food we're consuming is straight up poison. Jim comes in and says "There's this human depopulation agenda and they want to kill as many people as possible etc etc". Jim kept dropping redpills here and there and after a while he became the laughing stock.

People laughed at him, Mocked him and Jim as a person was killed...

The funny thing is that I joined the others in executing Jim...

Now before y'all lynch me hear my side of the story...

I knew that Jim was going to get executed and I didn't want to be executed with him. I have lost all interest in trying to redpill people, I can make people realize the truth using The Socratic Method but I don't want to and I don't have time to waste talking to NPCs...

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