Another 12SP For A Single Post! Its only 12 But Its My Highest Yet!

5년 전

It was only yesterday I hit my all time high pay out if 11. Now today am striking 12 SP. Onwards and upwards for this streemian! 

Follow, Vote, Resteem is you want to support me and I will do the same in response!

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That's cool mike I was just reading a old message on ytube when you was talking about steemit made me chuckle 😂


Haha! I didnt really ser potential then. But if we got in earlyer we would of had wedge. 0.18 cents for soo long. OMG hoe wrong was I.

congrats,,happy for u,, upvoted and followed

keep it up



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It's nice post 😍😍😍

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