From Red To Green Over Night! IF ITS GREEN ITS KEEN! + TOP 5 RUN DOWN

4년 전

Over night trading has been positive! All the top 20 are in the Green, BUT for how long in the wake of the China Ban! 

  • (BTC) Bitcoin - Since it all time high of $5000 and the China news it has dropped nearly 40% to around $2900, it has since jumped over $900 in less than 24hrs and is hovering around the $3700 mark. Which way will it go next?
  • (ETH) Ethereum - has been hovering around $270 mark and has not hit any where near its peak of $400 as seen a few months ago. Ethereum sits in number 2 and has been there for a long time. 
  • (BCH) Bitcoin cash - has taken the 3rd spot with its value stabilising around $400-500 mark, it has in the past hit over $1000 per coin, since the hit its risen to around $700 but then has dropped and looks stable. 
  • (XRP) Ripple - has dropped to no4 in the rankings, there was a pump when the China market said they were gong to start trading on the exchange, Ripple hit $0.30 and has dropped half its value since the China Ban. Now looking stable and sitting at $0.18
  • (DASH) DASH - Dash is at number 5 with a low coin supply of 7.5M, DASH is the second most valuable n terms of individual coin value sitting at around $356. DASH has had a good ride through this China Ban and has not really lost and value, it has peaked at around $400 but has no way near dropped as much value as its competitors. DASH in my eyes will be a coin with a high value of over $500 in the near future. It could even break $1000 next year if t keeps going the way its going now. 

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hope one day china wont wake up lool,,nice post , upvoted and followed

keep it up


LOL! China better off out! This could mean there is no China playing the market to there benefits! As seen in the past!


LOLZ it's always a plus if China market is in! Price will be up in no time. Shouldn't we promote widespread usage of bitcoin?


Yes I don't see anything wrong with Bitcoin! Japan has adopted it in real time, you can use it in most shops now What countries don't link is creating value for something that is digitalised. Government's don't like this thats why they see a negative from it. I promote it and will always be a holder.

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