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The premise is simple. Receiving a basic income can erradicate poverty. By recognizing the limitations within Central Banking, We're paradigm shifting into a new technological age of accountability and transparency in accounting.

It's an interesting time because pretty much every traditional industry is in the process of being distributive and or is busy scrambling to restructure itself to remain relevant.

A big part of the problem has been the dependence upon central banks to "take care" of the nations of the world. This is not working. Obviously. The business model of central banks is not in alignment with the average person on the planet. Consequently, much of the human species has been disregarded around the planet.

Manna is a, Universal Basic Income - cryptocurrency project. It's a grass roots movement that has expanded quite a lot over the last few years.

The Whitepaper is pretty Good, as it also actuals as a point of financial literacy into the nature of our world financial systems.

This is a really cool project that I expect to pick up increased exposure as we move forward through 2018 and beyond.

Who wouldn't like a Basic Income?

There's been an incentivization structure built into the Manna Cryptocurrency, where each person who signs up to receive an universal basic income will get an added bonus on each person they refer to the platform....the bonus's will act as added payments that will last for a duration of 1 year.

My Universal Basic Income - Manna - Referral Link

This is such a cool project that really helps stimulate the betterment of the world as we prepare for the next generations to be born into this world. This is a support structure for families throughout the world.

How many people do you know who've had some tough times financially?

How many children could have been better off had they more financial support?


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MANNA SIGNUP TAKES 1 Minute - Requires cellphone number to prove individual human identity, and to prevent people gaming the system!

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Manna is a project which is mandatory to change poverty.Much exited about this project.Thanks for sharing.

i can't wait for this project seems like they will convert it to the reality

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Done, Thank you!

after I find out about manna, I am interested in this manna, a universally accessible human-powered alternative currency, regardless of who we are and where we are from. posting is very useful even though I have not really understood with this manna. Good luck @worldclassplayer

Universal income might be the only solution to a world in which automation and AI are quickly replacing the workforce.. Unfortunately, this will only lead to larger gaps between class divisions.

In the long run, universal income is going to be the new standard of poverty.

Manna recently applied for steemit account so it will be great to see what they will be upto looks a cool project :D

I think about this a lot because technology is pushing out manual jobs. If these people are left out in the cold it will disrupt society way too much. Civil disorder is not good and a universal basic income would alleviate this pressure. I'm going to sign up for Manna right now. Thanks for the referral link.

this project hearing about it and checking out the details seems to be a game changer to me

this could be happening for real so that's why many people are excited about this

I think the number will be very large unfortunately

great one but I think the number will be very large unfortunately

Universal Basic Income is a theme that a lot of politicians discuss every year, and the idea seems good but it raises some problems, and as you said, the central banks are not up to the task... they just can´t do what is needed.

I hope that this project succeed, the "planet" has an objective to eradicate poverty by 2030. Let´s see what is done and, if possible, this project can help.

Manna is one of the best project.To Reduce Poverty no other company has this kind of unique concept.in our local language MANNA=our.so its our project.im backing up manna.