Trusted way to buy crypto currency

3년 전

Hey, I live in Egypt. And our government decide that the crypto currency are too dangerous.So they blocked all trading platforms like,Coinmama,CoinBase,,,etc you could access the website but it's impossible to buy crypto currency from your bank account. So does any one know a trusted way to buy crypto currency (I am interested in etherum)?

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Hi Yehia97

  1. Open a Bittrex or Binance Account
  2. Do an Electric Funds Transfer (EFT) in USD (It automatically exchanges your currency to USD)
  3. Buy Etherum from the USD- ETH Exchange

Follow my blog posts on some other crypto currencies for some insights :)


Ok Thanks.. Sure I will follow you.

my point of view the government is the most dangerous ppl


Totally agree


i know right ...there's no way government ppl are so perfectly good person