The U.S. economy is living on borrowed time

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Joe Meyer, a former Nasdaq arbitrator and long-term stock market analyst, predicted that during the economic boom of 2004 that there would be a major recession during an interview on Coast to Coast AM. Mayer began to predict another recession. He said that the US economy "is living on borrowed time" and that the forthcoming economic recession will continue for at least one year. He said that the bull market we have enjoyed for eight years is far longer than the four-year average, and one of the best hedge against investment losses is the precious metal, especially silver, which he expects may exceed 100 US dollars per ounce (it is currently trading The price is about 18 US dollars.)

He believes that the market is waiting for something to that trigger a recession. It may be a conflict with North Korea, and it shows that those who invest in stocks should "take out their money from the watch and transfer it offshore" until the economy recovers. Mayer believes that now is not a good time to buy a house, but renting a property is a good choice. He pointed out that the U.S. government holds a large number of distressed real estate, and these investors began to appear on the market when they were dreaming about it. Mayer also discussed the status of the veterans’ management and their health care, and pointed out that veterans “should get better” and may shift their care to private hospitals funded by the government.

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  ·  2년 전

Excellent post...I completely agree. A friend of mine wrote an article outlining the importance of Bitcoin as a hedge against government currency. You may find it interesting.

Regardless...thanks for sharing. These are exciting as well as scary times we live in. Resteemed


Thank you for the resteem. And yes scary times are ahead, and these times are the times that holds the most opportunity ;)

  ·  2년 전

Yes indeed