Fidelity Will Start Institutional Bitcoin Trading Within Weeks

4개월 전

Fidelity is a $7 trillion Wall Street firm.

The company deals with many institutions with its different trading platforms. The emergence of cryptocurrency is going to provide it with another area to service these clients.

According to the firm, it is going to offer institutional trading of Bitcoin within weeks. This will focus upon the OTC market which is where most of the Bitcoin trading occurs.

Many are awaiting the entry of Wall Street believing that it will end the year long bear market that cryptocurrency is mired in.

It is also believed that institutions will provide the legitimacy to the newer asset class.

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Will they have an app and allow private wallets and keys like coinbase? Or are they going to have paper shares for sale with no keys to send and recieve like robinhood?
Sometimes the wall street side has a sketchy attitude about access to equity.
It is promising that they are entering the future

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