Top 10 Noteworthy News 2/7/18

3년 전

1 - Coinbase increasing weekly limits for many of its users ... and also allowing instant bank purchases of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin(still has the fee, but it's lower than the credit card fees and is now instant).

2 - More and more banks are preventing their customers from purchasing crypto, and credit cards are charging massive fees for purchasing crypto. This has caught many customers off guard.

3 - Bitcoin has been hovering around $8000 for the day, starting the day off at $7500 and climbing all the way past $8500, before settling at the present around $7900.

4 - Big names predicting most coins going to zero. Take it as you like ... do they have an agenda?

5 - The Winklevoss brothers explaining why they're going long on Bitcoin. Interesting to note they don't check Bitcoin prices every day (do you believe them?).

6 - Binance has gone down for maintenance, which can be quite troublesome for users looking to make moves.

7 - Davor coin seems to have officially collapsed, and another ponzi scheme down the drain. After Bitconnect you wonder why people are still buying these.

8 - Forbes with their list of crypto's richest people.

9 - The stock market had a rather uneventful day, trading mostly sideways.

10 - Overall market cap up 25 billion so far today.

Leave any other noteworthy news down below. Thanks for reading

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Throw in a little Markup to make it easier to read and this is golden :p


Thanks, updated it. Didn't realize it got messed up haha

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The Winklevoss brothers tell Bloomberg’s @tracyalloway why they are going long on cryptocurrencies ▶️

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