Shapeshift Going Rogue? Charged me 12% more than exchange rates!

3년 전

Traded BTC for KMD today. BTC price 2729 KMD price 1.85. Besides having to wait a long time for the transaction to go through I checked out the rate.

1 BTC = 1318.70183204 KMD

so I paid over $2 each for my KMD ..about $.25 more than the exchange rate. I really have to find another place to exchange coins. Hopefully these decentralized exchanges coming out will give us all some relief from price gouging and government interference. I think most people just don't work out how much they are paying shapeshift to convert currency. If you do you will realized that you are getting beat.

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It is a greet thing that decentralized exchanges are emerging.


I don't hear about people using shapeshift much anymore. I'm so glad.

I found that just going to the exchange is better. I hope I never use shapeshift again.

Hello @zhanmusi - glad to meet you

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Just an update. I am stocking up on kmd.

bastards !!

Sounds like an absolute ripoff. I've never heard of them before, but I guess, I'll have to stay away.