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Beam is a global payments acceptance platform for the 21st century with built-in support for smart contracts.

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Totally mysterious and private

All things considered, most importantly, it is completely mysterious! What's more, I will give more subtle elements later. In examination with Monero for instance, where the sender, the collector and the sum is private, here, everything is private! What a fantasy! For what reason would anyone have to know all the little points of interest of what I am doing with my cash? In a world additional anchored where anyone can be followed and every one of the informations are on the web, it is a genuine gift to have a super private money!

Private and straightforward in a similar time

This security of course is deciphered as we, the clients, have add up to control over exchange information accessible, and in the same, there is an alternative of straightforwardness and also protection. Along these lines, basicaly, we can pick our level of protection relying upon every specific case.

So a major bravo and how about we go ahead on BEAM!


Second enormous caracteristic that makes Beam so uncommon, is that depends on Mimblewimble. If you just entered the cryptoworld, and the Mimblewimble idea doesn't reverberate with your vocabulary, no stresses, I am the same so we talk a similar dialect, so we should go further into a few words first. It came as an elective task for conveying a higher level of security to our old great Bitcoin.

An incredible contrast is that MimbleWimbe underpins Confidential Transactions. In the event that in a Bitcoin exchange, everything is open, in this new exchange framework, every one of the qualities are scrambled with arbitrary series of numbers called "blinding components.", Although totally private, it is vital that there is in every case still conceivable to check the valability of an exchange

Beam can do this due to the MimbleWimble approach, Confidential Transactions and Transaction Cut, specifically MimbleWimble just shows some portion of the exchanges made by utilizing easy routes through and through of the exchange making following unthinkable.

Classification, security and untraceable exchanges are three of the greatest things clients search for in the crypto world and Beam is the first to offer both in a compelling way.



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