Your Colonies Need You: Take Your Actions

4년 전

Your Colonies Need You: Take Your Actions

This Update serves to remind every colonist who still didn't perform a weekly action to do so!

Failure to perform an action for a week isn't severe, but missing your action longer can put you out of the game - although you'll still get your SBD and STEEM earnings.

Sunday is the last day to choose what your colony will do, so if you didn't take care of it yet, now is the time to do so!

Have that in mind!

Ambassador Crane

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Is it okay if I switch one of my workers. I would like a forger instead of a miner. Incase friends are hard to come by I want to play it safe and make sure I can get some food to survive first.


Just in time, noted!

who are the woodcutters, the blacksmiths, the lumberjacks, farmers and specialised workers?

hmm....I also don't know where I came from, just woke up....
could help creating a map of the new conquered world. my grandfather was good at that...
or may be there is any other job for a poor and hungry 1 sp delegator. Fishing?


Delegate early on the week and you'll spawn the following Monday, delegate midweek and you may spawn only the Monday after.
Have this in mind.


The workers are part of the Imperial Outpost in the new world.

Even if it's 1 sp you can get in the game.