Notes from Cryptofinance

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It has already been a while since Cryptofinance, which makes these notes quite outdated. But as I've already written them, I'd also like to share them.

Cryptofinance 2017 was organized by @bitspace in Oslo, Norway on October 19, and they have their own writeup here. These however, are my "genius" notations organized by the speakers:

Ivan Liljeqvist: Youtube-channel, background from Belarus. Started with presenting blockchain. Goes straight from Bitcoin 2008–2009 to Ethereum.

Stephan Nilsson: Promotes Bitcoin etc., has good overview of the "actors on the scene". Is betting that the price of BTC will be 500 000 USD within 5 years.

Zarihoun Traore: Advertisement for eToro as a platform to invest in most things to sum it up. Copyfunds with AI. Thematic investing. Seems more serious than I though in advance.

Cedric Cobban: Talks about Muse, global self-paying royalty system. Uses convertible debt to pay musicians in a stable fashion (similar to SBD?) with for example USD. Quite convincing.

Bjørn Bjercke: Talks about the essence of bitcoin/blockchain in that transactions can be verified witout (3rd party) trust. We're in teh biggest bubble ever, which is a sign of a paradigm shift.

Frank Schuil: Safello. You can use BankID to log in. Thinks that ICO has passed VC/angel. ICO is much more liquid, because it can be (re)sold immediately. Coinlist, foundit,, WHALE WALLA.

Arne Blix: Friend Software, macro computer. Is going to ICO in 2018. Independent of devices. HTML5 OS. On quite clear what it is they are really solving, but the think that it is a "Meta OS". FriendUP, open source? Open source MIT/GPL3/LGPL og kommersiell license, thinks that Linus should have use the same kind of licensing scheme with Linux.

Chris Coney: Cryptoversity. Decentralised exchange. bisq. Etherdelta. Good slides/graphs for learning. 0x protocol. NVO.

Robert Viglione: ZenCash. Academic, should ask for his presentation. Everyone should have BTC in their investment portfolio to decrease variance. ICOs wouldn't get the amount of funding they are getting, the "normal" way. You can send messages anonymously. Impressive. Twitter. (Zencash spiked a couple of days before the conference).

Henning Rokling: People who invest in gaming (by learning and actually gaming) don't get return on investment because the economy is centrally managed and not transparent. Calls the gaming economies "virtual economies". Parsec frontiers has blockchain economy. Deflationary mechanism (burns money). Good points about the potential for own economies in the games themselves, that you can trust (not having to trust game developer).

Michael Reads:, token to map the world? Almost manages to convey that VR is cool, but not quite why his token will be popular (it shall pay for users to map the world in 3D).

Martin Wichmann: ETHLend: looks good, but very early still. Gearing on Ethereum using Ethereum ERC20 etc. tokens as security/collatteral.

Max Wang: At my table. Jolly fellow. Cool/exciting/different presentation. China has made a whole ecosystem in no time around ICOs until they were banned.

Vit Jedlicka: The absolutely most entertaining presentation. Liberland didn't need to budget income as all their holdings were in cryptocoin and multiplied by themselves.

Lasse Meholm: Efficient barter is the money of the future. Make a coin that doesn't fluctuate in value, (how would its value be established then?), bitcoin is too expensive. Showed how BTC has increased in value 800 %, while the USD against EUR has decreased 8 %.

Thorbjørn Bull Jensen: Three kinds of coins. On their own blockchaind, on existing blockchain, ERC20 token. Many introduce ICO simply to have something to sell. Has good overview.

Panel: Ivar Duserud, moderator, theme: ICOs: Lasse Meholm, Henning Rokling, Thorbjørn Bull Jenssen, Arne Blix, Robert Viglione, Manuel Lains, Stephan Nilsson. Snifftest, Torbjørn: Does this project really need its own currency? is the snifftest. Lains: Main difference between ICO, IPO, vastly much more stakeholders there are. Arne: Token sickness: about the increase in value of token can become token traders instead of developers. Robert: new funding model proposal: treasure model; incremental funding approach. Thorbjørn; looking forward to incentive structures. Lasse: Eu Commission: we will not regulate before we see how it works, will not stop it, Uber tought us that. Torbjørn; we need regualtory guidance so that the banks will dare to touch the coins, and so we don't have a shock when they suddenly regulate. Robert: The best thing a country can do is give clear guidance. Understand, regulate. Clear guidance so people don't have to guess.

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Interesting read! was a little bummed I couldn't go! I will hopefully attend this next year! Thanks for sharing!