Crypto Panel: Nexus Earth, EOS, Digibyte, Monero, Horizen, Holo, Bitcoin (feat. Richard Heart). CryptoFinance 2018 VIDEO

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The great crypto debate

BitSpace had the great honor of welcoming some of the brightest minds in crypto to the annual CryptoFinance in Oslo last weekend.

One of the highlights of the conference was a crypto panel comprised of Richard Heart, Moritz Bierling Robin Renwick, Jared Tate, Colin Cantrell, Robert Viglione and Danny Sessom (moderator). The panelists were all representing a coin, challenging one another on the pros and cons of their different projects. Check out the video below!

Topics discussed

00:02:30 Roast of Bitcoin Cash
00:05:20 DigiByte background
00:07:10 Governance in Horizen and EOS
00:12:27 Definition of "blockchain" and "cryptocurrency"
00:13:55 Nexus Earth
00:15:53 Valuation of DLTs
00:17:00 Bugs
00:19:00 51% attacks
00:23:00 Exploring the definitions of blockchain
00:25:00 Holochain
00:25:42 51% attacks
00:26:30 Development funding and making massive collective decisions
00:31:00 Crypto community collaboration
00:34:25 Sharkpool
00:35:55 Community conflicts
00:40:00 Why Monero?
00:40:12 Why DigiByte?
00:40:45 Why Horizen?
00:41:40 Why EOS?
00:42:30 Why BitcoinHEX?
00:43:35 Why Holochain?
00:44:10 Why Nexus?
00:46:30 Monero fungibility
00:47:52 "Which top 20 coin is the biggest shitcoin?"
00:49:35 Central banks and large-industry players entering
00:50:10 Voting and land registries on the blockchain
00:56:00 Why "Bcash" not "Bitcoin Cash"?
00:58:55 How to know whether or not a cryptocurrency is legitimate
01:02:50 Most promising applications of blockchain technology

We will release more content from the conference soon!


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This is gonna be interesting! Definitely giving this a solid watch through.


It's definitely worth a watch through! And the audience on Saturday seemed to strongly agree.

Thanks for recording and sharing this :)