Pargentino's Splinterlands journal (19-10-2019)+(Reward card stats)

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Again a slow day today. for the reward card that i could get a little bit more then the burn price. and in bronze II with the guild bonus i get, i get just a little bit more then 1,5 dec per won game and that makes grinding for dec realy hard. and today the trading was almost undoable again. But this blog seems to become an record on repeat so i'm going to do something else today.

i checked all the rewards up to this point and here are the stats.
in total i have got 60 reward card.
14 where rare cards. (10%)
1 epic card (0,5%)
0 legendary (> 0,5%)
2 gold (1%)
of course these are just the number i'm seeing off the cards i got i don't know if i where lucky or unlucky. i also don't know if drop rates are better in higher levels.

if we say that all the value that's in my account atm came from a reward card and ignore the fact i also made dec via winning games and trading. on average the reward cards where sold for $0,13 per card
i'm thinking about buying a quest potion. a potion cost about $2,30 and for that $2.30 i get 25 cards, with a average of $0,13 per card i calculate a value of $3,25 witch leads me to think its not worth it but maybe i have to investigate this further.
let me know do you think a potion is worth buying?

Current stats.png

Invested : $10
Value off the cards owned : $7.30
Value off the dec i hold : $0.57
Value of pending card trades : $0.00
Total Value : $7.87
Current league : Bronze II
Days played: 22

Daily profits.png

today i earned by

selling cards: 17 dec
winning games: 38 dec
trading tokens: 21 dec
Total 76 dec

Daily quest reward.png
Again nothing special.

if you like my work please let me know.
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