Win an ETH.Town lvl 0 Hero with a 100% Upvote

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Houston We Have No Problems with ETH.Town

ETH.Town is absolutely mooning. It is still very early, so you have time to get in and have some fun. It is virtually impossible to lose ETH right now because the traffic is high and new players are flooding in. They have topped the charts for active users and volume on DappRadar. All this has happened in less than 3 days. If you keep your eye on, the price for Heroes are rising. In order to play the game you must have a Hero. The Heroes have stats including an investment bonus. This bonus gets you extra ETH when you buy into a floor. The reason this game is successful, where other Hot Potato styles have died, is because it allows groups of people to buy a foor. This prevents the game from stalling. If you do get stuck with a floor, all is still not lost. Your buy is converted into ETIT. These are the backbone token of the game. ETIT earns you dividends based on the volume of ETH played. I can tell you from person experience, ETIT is going to be very valuable. I have received .4 ETH in divs since the launch with a little over 350 ETIT.

I will soon put a LVL 0 Hero in the !store of The-City Until then you can try and win 1 from me. It should have some XP built up from my man who will be testing the Hero out until it goes to the lucky winner. To enter to win the LVL 0 Hero:

  1. Join ETH.Town
  2. Follow me on Twitter
  3. RT and Like this tweet
  4. Follow SQ on Steemit
  5. Upvote and Resteem this post
  6. Comment on this post with your Discord name
  7. Go to the #holyland channel on Mr.Contest Discord and Complete your Entry by adding an emoji to the giveaway post.

Only entries that complete all the steps will be valid. All valid entries will receive a 100% Upvote!

-The winner will be drawn in The-CIty in approx 40 Hours

You have 72 hours to claim your prize after the drawing. You must message me on Mr. Contest Discord to claim your prize!

Need 💰?

You can purchase 💰 by winning an auction @ . Right now all the auctions are at bottom prices, so you either get a great deal 💰 or win some ETH!

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done :

Done :
discord : @khaled02

To the moon! when games are at this stage it is virtually impossible to lose. Everyone get your Hero and make your fortune! I'm gonna try to keep my winning streak running in the City to be ready for the hero drop into the store. I'm on a run in blackjack :)

Done sir : @raisha1

Done :
Discord name : prince121

Done sir,
Discord: anoman777

Discord name

Sq | Chibifighters !!
Wooooot let's work on Some Eth Town!

Discord Name: @Aamir

Discord : mhyeasin

Discord name: msena

Done sir.
Discord username: naim444

All Done.

Discord name: nihar1969

Discord: Aristo80

EthTown and ChibiFighters are 2 great games, I like that they are doing a cross promotion.
I already claimed my legendary EthTown horse head helmet on the ChibiFighters game.


Which channel i will post on discord

How thats possible.

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Ya you are right.
Eth is the next btc

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Complete :
Discord name : sumoncantt