Photomash Challenge Bonus Prize Extension!! More SBD Up For Grabs!

2년 전


Hola! Just a quick update on the Cryptogee Photomash Challenge. I have gone for a short family break in Madrid, and while that's great for me, it's not so good for all the people who are waiting for me to judge the comp!

So I have been looking at all the entries and I absolutely love them! There have been some very creative, and funny ones and I'm extremely pleased with the way it is going.

Sooooo, as a way to say sorry for the delay, and thank you for your amazing entries, I am doubling the prize fund and creating a second, third, fourth and fifth place as well!

The prize fund is now as follows:

1st Place 10 SBD

2nd Place 5 SBD

3rd Place 3 SBD

4th Place 1 SBD

5th Place 1 SBD

Rule Reminder

OK, I know that no matter how many times I remind people of the rules, there will always be those who still don't follow them. Just make sure that you are not one of those people!

There has been a lot of hard work gone into this competition, and therefore anybody not following all the rules will not be in the running for prizes. I think that's only fair to all the people who have taken the trouble to play the game in the right way; wouldn't you agree?

OK, so here they are:

Each entry must be in the form of a post and have Cryptogee Photomash Animal Head Challenge as part/all of the title.

Comments to this post will not count as entries, although all entrants are required to link to qualifying posts in the comment section (of original post, follow link).

Each qualifying post must use the tag #cryptogee-photomash (failure to do this may cause your entry to be missed, thus invalidating them from the competition). Additional tags of #cryptogee-comps and #animalhead-challenge are welcomed but not mandatory.

Each entrant must help spread the word by voting for, and resteeming the original post, follow link).

Qualifying entries must adhere to the style of an animal's head, mashed onto a human body. Extra backgrounds and features can be added, and are welcomed, the funnier the better.

Entries must be original own work, can be done on any software and a screenshot of the layer file must accompany all entries.

Each Steemian can enter as many times as they like.

Extended Entry Deadline

I am returning from Spain on Wednesday evening, and I may be off Steem on Thursday, so I will extend the deadline to 23:59 UTC Friday, Feb 16th.

Winner to be announced on the Saturday (17th). OK, so remember, please follow all the rules. As far as posting is concerned, you can post in the comments to this post. However in order to create a valid entry, you need to post on the original post (linked above in rules).

OK peeps, get creating and I'll see you on my return!


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Almost forgot about that competition :)
I actually already assembled the needed photos but just don't have the time to execute - I hope that with the added time I'll be able to do it.

Got to see this late though but thanks you @crytogee for the extended entry deadline
Here's my entry
More strength as you help the steemit community 👍👍

because there is an additional time I will tell this info to my friend, because in the first post the time is up.
thank you..

Here's my entry, hope you get to like the picture
Thanks @crytogee
More strength for nice contest like such 👍

Halo @cryptogee, this is my contribution to the contest held: ORIGINAL POST
digitalimaging_Photomash Challenge.jpg

Enjoy the trip!

Waited on this page all days for the winner to be announced