Cryptogee Photomash Animal Head Challenge - my entry

2년 전

As part of his efforts to make steemit more fun and interesting, @cryptogee arranges challenges that make people hone their skills in graphic editing and creativity.

My entry

In this challenge we are asked to combine a human body and an animal's head - I decided to keep some of the person's face in order to make things more interesting.
I chose to use the face of a dog, and kept the person's mouth as a prominent human feature.
I also combined a background to the original background-less photo in order to make the whole scene more eye pleasing and interesting.
Also - I used round edges, a frame and transparent background in order to make the photo's framing more interesting.

I hope you'll find the effect refreshing and amusing!

The design:



And a proof of originality, the list of layer:

Pictures taken from Pixabay:


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איזה אתגר יפה !
חחח מעולה.
מעניין איזה תוצאות נראה פה בשירשור...


מפרגן אתה :) ממש תודה! יש עוד כמה מתמודדים מעולים באתגר הזה, מקווה שאצליח לגבור עליהם!

increneble editing really Amazing @kivsha verry funny


Thanks, happy you liked it :)

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design is beautifull @kivsha really interesting thanks for share


Thank you!

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