Introduce of myself || Date June 2021 || Achievement 1

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Assalamu Alaikum I hope everyone is well. I am a new user of steemit. I learned that some days ago about the steemit. And after listening to it,it is much better to learn from here and it is faithful. I really like this platform. And so today I am publishing my achievement 1 post to work here.


Introduce of myself:-

My name is Sabbir Al Noman. My home Sholotaka, Gangni, Meherpur. My country's name Bangladesh. I am a student of Gangni Government Degree College in Inter second year. I have two older brothers and one sister
They have finished their studies. Now trying for a job. My father is a school teacher by profession

My hobby:-

There are different types of bobbies in human life. I also have some hobbies. My biggest hobbies are traveling and hanging out with friends, occasionally talking picture with friends.




My biggest dream is to become a professional photographer. And for that i try all the time.
A few days ago I bought a camera and fulfill my dream and i always try to take beautiful picture with it and i will succeed in it one day.


Why would I want to work on this platform:-
Steemit is platform where people from all over the world come together to share their experiences and try to come up with something new. Exactly I also came there through that effort so that I can share my talent or experience here. Since I am a new user here I may have some bugs from me on this platform. I hope everyone will look at my forgiveness. So i do not make those mistakes next time.

Many many thanks to everyone for viewing my introductory post.
From #Bangladesh

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