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The advent of blockchain technology has introduced a new era or a medium with which the gaming industry can leverage on this technology and offer its players a redefined way of entertainment and most importantly the absolute control of their gaming assets. The smart contract and the blockchain technology has now ensured fair and transparent rule of the game and a player will never face any situation of shutdown of the game, sudden rule changes, etc. That literally gives a sort of confidence to the player and the players can buy, sell and trade their collectibles on their own in a decentralized platform.

Therefore, the decentralized ecosystem has offered a new space to the gaming industry and the gaming industry seems to be leveraging more on the blockchain technology than any other industry. Cryptominerworld is one such decentralized gaming dapp on the top of Etherum blockchain.


With the gaming dapp, the NFT(non-fungible-tokens) are very much prevalent and they are very unique collectibles. The players normally collect such tokens, trade it and make profit from it. But for a gaming industry the major setback is that these NFT tokens are highly expensive and that is why it can not lower the barrier to entry.

On the other hand, there are other types of games, in which the players need to start from the foundation units and have to grow & develop the units which will eventually worth more in time. Such games really lower the barrier to entry. But at times, this types of games may get dull.

Cryptominerworld leverages on the beneficial aspect of both the types as mentioned above and offers a platform where both the types of players get an equal opportunity. The casual players can take advantage of automatic mining system and the advanced players can take advantage of trading & upgrading. However a player plays the game, the core of the game relies in the discovery of ERC-721 tokens which is buried underneath the earth. The real objective of a player is to discover more and more such ERC-721 tokens.

Key features

In cryptominrworld the basic approach of a player is to owning a plot of land, then mining it and whatever treasure is discovered can be traded and profit can be made.

So the core features of this game are- Land, Gemstones.

The players should leverage on the usability of the gemstone to expedite the mining and to discover worthy treasure. The more valuable & rarest treasure is available towards the bottom of the earth. Therefore the mining speed and mining capability are important to discover such treasures.


  • The earth surface is split into different plots which are known as "lands".
  • Each plot of land has the same odd of obtaining a treasure.
  • All the plots are set with a fixed price and are very unique to the players who own it.
  • All the plots are with 5 different layers- Dirt, Clay, Limestone, Marble, Obsidian. The thickness of each layer of a plot may vary from other plots. The mining rate to dig such layers also varies depending upon its type.

If a layer is dirt then it is easier to dig it than clay. A marble layer is harder to dig as compared to lime stone. Obsidian layer is the hardest to dig of all the 5 layers.


The players in Cryptominerworld take the form of gemstones to mine the earth to discover treasures. The form of gemstones are ERC-721 tokens which are defined with two unique characteristics- age and mining speed.

The players who can leverage on age and mining speed of a gemstone can dig dipper into the earth and can mine the rarest gems quickly which is the main objective of every player.

Age of a gemstone

The age of a gemstone defines its capability to mine up to which layer(Dirt, Clay, Limestone,. Marble, Obsidian, etc). So just like the layers, the age of a gemstone is classified into 5 levels.

  • Level 1- Classified as Baby Gemstone- Can only dig up to Dirt layer
  • Level 2- Classified as Toddler Gemstone- Can only dig up to Clay layer
  • Level 3- Classified as Child Gemstone- Can only dig up to Limestone layer
  • Level 4- Classified as Teen Gemstone- Can only dig up to Marble layer
  • Level 5- Classified as Adult Gemstone- Can only dig up to Obsidian layer


In order to level up the age of a Gemstone, silver is required.

Silver can be obtained through mining, through market, etc.

Mining Speed of a Gemstone

It is the rate at which a Gemstone can mine and dig down the earth. So it is basically the speed the Gemstone can mine at. So a player should always look for a better mining speed of a Gemstone so that it will take less time to dig a plot of land and discover treasure.

To level up a Gemstone's mining speed, gold is required.

Gold can be obtained through mining, through market, etc

Additional features

  • Every time a plot is mined completely, there is a chance to uncover a rare key. So for every plot, there will be one such key and one of these keys will open up a treasure chest containing over 2000 Ether.


  • A part of the profit from all the plots of land is stored in a smart contract which is later utilized for Birthstone chest giveaway.


Getting started with Cryptominerworld

  • All you need to have a Metamask Etherum Wallet and some amount of ETH in order to play this game. So either you create one or if you have then proceed to

  • It will ask to authorize Cryptominerworld to connect to your Metamask account. So authorize it by clicking on "Connect".


  • Then you can buy a gemstone to start mining and a gemstone is defined by its grade(that is mining speed) and level(age of the gemstone). Lower levels and lower grade gemstones are obviously cheaper. But if your budget is prohibitive, then you can select the low level gemstone to at least started with mining.



Different grades of Gemstones available are- D C B A AA AAA

Different levels of Gemstones available are- 1 2 3 4 5

The price of each land is fixed at 0.02 ETH.

Cryptominerworld in State of the Dapps

Being a gaming Dapp, Cryptominerworld is listed in curated directory of the State of the Dapps in the Games category.

  • Rank- 109
  • Submitted- Jul 7th, 2018
  • Last updated- Jul 15th, 2019

The activities on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis can be checked from the site of State of the Dapps along with the transaction volume details. For more information please refer the following link:-



  • It lowers the barrier to entry as the average players who can not invest can also take advantage of the platform, can go for the mining system to mine treasure(ERC-721 tokens) that is buried underneath the earth.

  • No sudden change of rule, no shutdown, no down time as it is decentralized & with a distributed ledger.

  • The logic of the game is set by the smart contract, so the rule is fair & transparent.

  • Both the average players and the advanced level players find room to leverage on their strength and benefit from this platform.

  • The game is simple and easy to play and the user interface is also very simple.


  • More development is needed to make the game appealing to remain at par with the advancing gaming industry.

  • More promotion is needed to remain in the forefront of gaming industry.


I will give a rating of 3.5 star.



Being a decentralized gaming platform, the trust and security is restored on the part of the players. The simplicity and the cool user interface definitely attracts more players. But the main focus of this platform is to reach-out the average level players who can not invest large sum of money. That is how it stands out in lowering the barrier to entry. Its additional features and giveaway always an encouragement to the productivity of the players.


This is not financial advice, nor a guarantee or promise in regards to any result that may be obtained from using the above content. The information provided here is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered as financial and/or investment advice. No person should make any kind of financial decision without first consulting their own financial adviser and/or conducting their own research and due diligence.


Task Reference

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