Warning avoid FuelPay


Scammer just don't stop

They can be pissed if they want, but I been looking into something called Fuelpay. So this is a quick breakdown on what Fuelpay is. You buy a device that you plug into the cars cigarette lighter or 12 volt connection. You also bluetooth it to your phone and it pays you in a cryptocurrency that they convert to cash for you on a debit card you can use to pay for gas. Apparently the device talks to your GPS and records your mileage paying you in cryptocurrency for each mile driven. Sounds great right? WRONG and I am about to list the reasons why.

It is dependent on them selling these devices

As that is how they are paying out to investors that buy the device. They are also claiming their coin will doesn't depreciate but we all know alt coins always fluctuate in the market depending on what BTC is doing. They are saying you buy the device you never have to put any more money in that is it.


It sounds nice but is it

Not only is it dependent on the device sales. But it is also tracking you. They are claiming that they are not but if they are bluetooth to your phone they have that information as when you bluetooth to a device you are giving up permission to your phone, all the data, photos and contacts. But then there is also the thing if this is on the blockchain it is there forever. Do you really want that information out there that someone a little tech savy can find?

They also have no white paper

Wjat blockchain doesn't have a white paper? Like seriously in the 3 years I have been involved in blockchain technologies I have never seen a blockchain without a white paper.

They are making claims that doesn't make sense

They say they only track miles but in their TOS say if you violate the law it is reason for them to not pay you. I assume that means if you speed, cause how are they gonna know you broke the law unless this device tracks other things like location and the speed limits. They also don't even have the devices ready for sale they are presale orders. They claim to have working prototypes but even if they do there are major issues with this. So I am putting out this warning.

I would not invest in this product

I tried asking questions they won't answer me as I pointed out these flaws to them on their advertisement. Seems like they are also going about this the wrong way. They are selling this like it is prove to work when it should be in a kickstarter campaign at least with a kickstarter you understand it is all in development these people are marketing this like it is ready to go and it isn't. You don't find that out till you get into the documentation and even their documentation is sketchy IMO. But judge for youself maybe I am missing something. But for me I am not giving up my information. I been so worried about tracking lately I am even leaving my phone at home when I leave. The world is a weird place right now and I truly believe these people are taking advantage of the crisis and people won't see this as a too good to be true deal. Seriously you buy a device once that is dependent on sales to pay out. So sketchy to me. Here is the website they have up.

Please don't give up your privacy

I know we kind of have with our phones and I have had enough. I am making it a habit to leave my phone at home. Or if I need to take it with me taking the battery out so it can't track me or spy on me. Even when you turn that tracking stuff off it tracks you. Taking the battery out keeps me from being tracked all the time. And I am not about to give anyone else permission to do it.

Information is worth a lot of money

Don't give up your personal information and privacy lightly. Pay attention to the details cause those details are telling. IMO this is a scam and I highly suggest you don't give them any money. But I sm not an expert just experience tells me if it is too good to be true it likely is even if there wasn't privacy issues with it that is obvious to anyone.


Update They just blocked me for publicly asking these questions on their Facebook page and because I commented on nearly ever comment calling them out on how their answers didn't make sense, they removed the entire post. If they are not a scam why remove my questions why not answer the questions and prove they are not a scam?

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