Enter The Banks: Goldman Sachs Enters the Race

3년 전

It's time for some cool and controversial news. Large players are more and more interested in crypto every day. Among these is the US government's favorite bank, Goldman Sachs. These guys teamed up with some tech-savvy professionals and are coming up with instruments for working with BTC and other crypto assets. So, what is in it for us?

In our opinion, their intentions are not completely clear as they may offer to trade BTC or create more technically complex tools. One thing we do know is that they are making a trading desk for crypto assets.

Not many cryptoholders will be sad to see the value of their cryptoassets increase.

Either way, we don’t think it will hurt the market.
Jon Matonis, a co-founder of Bitcoin Foundation and executive at VISA, said that the entry of big players similar to Goldman Sachs would ultimately lead to an increase in bitcoin price.

Some old-school crypto holders will be wary of banks entering the space, and there may be some resistance.
We think that Goldman Sachs will set the direction for other big banks, which is pretty nice.
In the short term, anyhow, not too many cryptoholders will be sad to see the rise in the overall value of their coins.

The appearing picture of banks is that of sharks that will gain even more profit from the volatile market of crypto, instead of being scared away.

For you and me, it means it is time to get competitive, too.

So, for us, it means, that it is time to get competitive too. In order to compete with big private banks with big clients, the average investor needs to be ahead of the pack.

One really awesome way to do so is to find a true professional crypto trader that will do all the work for you.
Tradelize, which is in the middle of token pre-sale, is just the best option.
Tradelize uses a special terminal reminiscent of stock trading terminals so that independent private traders can get an edge. Anyhow, regular and large investors can follow, track, and copy trades from masters.

Tradelize offers an optimized system for the best to shine.

Since these ProTraders get an immutable rating based on statistics stored on the blockchain, they compete against each other for the best, most consistent gains. The Tradelize Team believes in this system so much that we are offering the top 300 traders a total of $24 million to trade with at no personal cost or risk.

Once the system is in full gear, ProTraders will be battling not just for making a name for themselves, but for the profit of the investors and followers, and the glory that comes with it.

So regardless if you are big or small, you will find a ProTrader to your taste. And Tradelize will give them a chance to shine with the their uniquely optimized system.

Trade faster. Invest smarter.

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