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Since previous month I have started research regarding crypto trading as these days there are lots of application with which you can trade but some of them are very best for beginners and today I am going to mentioned one of them.

Lots of applications provide you the opportunity to trade but as beginner there are some mistakes that are committed like

  1. It is difficult to decide whether to deposit money for trading or not as there are lots of fake apps.

  2. As beginners and due to lack of experience there is a big chance to lose money.

  3. Most of the applications are difficult to understand.

After researching a have found one platform that give you the chance to trade and also in the beginning free bonus for real account in given so that trade can be carried out safely.
The name of this application is Stormgain.

images (8).jpeg

This application has some benefits that no other application has like :
1. Free bounus for real trade.
2. Very easy to use.
3. Extremely excellent graphics.
4. It has signals that gives you the clue
whether to buy or sell.
5. Withdraw is very convenient.
And many other benifits.

How to Start trading with this app. Follow these steps.

  1. Create online account in Stormgain. Click this link and you will be awarded with 3 extra dollars. Once you login.

  1. Download mobile app.
  2. Login to that app.
  3. Go to miner and start mining. Mining is slow but once you start mining you will be given bonuses and in two or three days you will reach 10 to 14 usd dollars after that bonuses will stop.

images (1).png

Once you complete ten dollars. Click withdraw and start trading in crypto.

images (7).jpeg

Next time I will be telling you how to do safe trading to avoid loss.

Thank You.

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