Review Crypto Vouchers | Buying Steem with Fiat Currency

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1. What is Crypto Voucher?

This past week, I came across the platform that allows you to buy cryptocurrencies instantly. The goal is to make it very simple for anyone to buy and trade these cryptocurrencies (BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, XRP, ZRX, BNB, STEEM & XLM) with the lowest possible transaction fees.

The good news is that Steem is on Cryptovouchers now. You can buy STEEM using Fiat Currency.

In this post, I want to give a Cryptovouchers Review on my experience of buying STEEM with Crypto Voucher.

2. Crypto Voucher in prepaid cards

The Crypto vouchers are available in the form of prepaid cards.

  • You can buy them in Euro 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 etc.
  • Or you can buy them in USD 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 etc.

3. How To Get Started

Set up an account on

First, set up an account here to buy crypto through vouchers.

  • choose an email address
  • create a password for your account

4. Three Methods to Buy Crypto Vouchers

A. Buy online

There are 9 online distributors you can choose from.

B. Buy locally

This option is great as you don't need to deal with online transactions.

C. Buy with gift cards

These gift cards are only available for US residents.

5. My Experience of Buying Crypto Voucher

This is my first purchase of a crypto voucher. I want to redeem it with STEEM.

I choose the online method as it is fast and quick.

  • I chose $10 for the Voucher Value
  • I want to exchange this for STEEM
  • So for $10, I get 26.65 STEEM
  • After I check everything, I click on the card payment to pay for the voucher.

Paying via Eneba

I signed up with Eneba to pay the voucher via their platform.

After keying in my credit card information, my transaction was not able to process.

The transaction would not go through at all.

Next option: Paying via Crypto Voucher Gift Card

I inquired on the Steem platform whether I can buy the cryptovoucher with paypal.

Great news! The @Cryptovoucher directed me to their Crypto Gift Cards vendor where I am able to pay via paypal.

a. Click the Value of the Crypto Voucher Gift Card

I chose the US $10 Crypto Voucher for check out.

b. Key in your email address

c. Select the payment method

I chose Paypal. It charges .35 Euro + 2.9% fee which I believe is quite high.

Other options are as follows:

As you can see, different vendors have different charging fee.

d. Shopping Cart Check out

The Service charge here is 1.53 Euro!

e. Payment via Paypal

My paypal account is in US dollars, so I ended up paying $13 US dollars for a $10 USD Crypto Voucher.

6. Redeeming Crypto Voucher for STEEM

After purchase, you can now redeem your voucher.

I am given a long code there to redeem my US $10 crypto voucher gift card.

  • I choose STEEM as I want to buy STEEM
  • For US$10, I can redeem it to 22.75598196 STEEM
  • I then key in my wallet name
  • Write a memo to myself

Voila! Successful Transaction!


7. Check my Steem Wallet

The transaction to my Steem wallet was very fast.

What is surprising is that it says I received 16 STEEM received from @binance-hot.

I am not sure why I didn't receive the total amount of 22 STEEM. Perhaps @cryptovoucher can give an explanation of why this is so.

8. What I like about

I like the fact that we can buy STEEM easily with FIAT currency. There are many options for people to choose for payment.

I also like the fact that the Crypto Gift Cards allow us to pay via paypal and even phone payment or wechat which is very convenient for many Chinese users.

9. How Cryptovoucher Can Improve

I find the service fee very high. For a US$10 voucher, I am paying an extra US$3 which comes to an extra 30% charge in the transaction. This doesn't make sense.

10. My Rating

I give a rating of 3.7 / 5 for this first purchase.

Thank you,

I would like to tag @katerinamann @soyrosa @d00k13 @frankcapital @elizacheng to try the cryptovochers.



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I just wish they offered the option to sell. As a Canadian we have tons of ways of putting money in but very few to take it back out!

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Yes @d00k13, that is a good suggestion for them. Right now, I never think about selling but buying only.


Hard to justify buying when there are few ways to take it back out that don’t take 30% off the top 🤦‍♂️ dang crypto atms

Posted using Partiko iOS

That is pretty handy and it is always good to easily buy crypto, with low fees!


So much i learn from here. Thanks

Posted using Partiko Android


You are welcome @maxbow

Thank you for sharing this @rosatravels I love seeing what's being created to make the transition/transaction process easier in cryptoland.


Yeah, it is my first time making this kind of purchase. Quite brilliant.

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Thank you for your review and feedback- it means a lot for us. As per the 2 points you raised about the fees distributors are making and our fees.
Obviously, distributors have to make some fees reselling our vouchers that's why we always advise buying directly from us to save this fee if we provide your preferred payment option.
As per our fees, we only take 4% of the service fee while redeeming the voucher. The other fees you were charged are the fees we paid in crypto to send you this transaction (maker, taker, withdrawal fees). As you might know, buying Steem with fiat money its not an easy process because of the multiple transactions that have to be made on the background. However, those crypto fees are capped at 2.5 euro.therefore, if you would redeem a higher volume voucher you will end up paying very fewer fees because buying 10 USD is expensive even for us as exchanges and providers have limits of minimum buy for Steem (for example Binance limit is 21 euro). Your friends at Crypto Voucher


Thanks @crptovoucher. So it is more worth it to buy perhaps a US$50 or higher voucher then.

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Thank you for this valuable post. Although convince people to buy cryptocurrancy in a new platform is hard I believe this project. Good luck voucher

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Hey @huseyinunozkan15, this platform is a good project. I am sure as time goes on, some of the things will become better, especially regarding the service fees.

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Well done for walking us through the procedure. The fee is too high all round though. 3/10


Yes, you need to buy higher values voucher for that fee.

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